How to transplant a plant?

When we decide to transplant a plant, it is not just about changing its location. As simple as it may seem, this task is mainly due to more important reasons such as that it does not grow as it should or that its roots can rot due to lack of space in the pot, for example. A) Yes, transplanting a plant correctly will affect its later health.

Before putting on our gloves and filling our hands with dirt, it is useful to follow a series of tips. Among them one of the most important is choose the right substrate for each type of plant; as well as deciding the new location. If, for example, we want to move it to the garden, we must make sure that there is no element around it that hinders its growth, in addition to protecting it from frost and strong winds. And of course, place it in a light source.

If, on the other hand, your idea is to take it to a new pot, first of all check the size and the necessary material, thinking about its future growth. In addition, in the lower part of said container you have to place a suitable drainage system for the water each time we water it.

When should it be transplanted?

In this case, the best date to transplant a plant would be at the end of the winter months when the cold is not so severe. In addition to these environmental conditions, the change of location must be done avoiding at all times that vegetative growth our plant is up and running. Therefore, If we see that it has begun to bloom, it is better to wait so as not to stop that flowering.

How to transplant a plant (bigstock)

The care that the plant deserves

While the whole transplanting process is going on, do not forget to follow some basic care:

  • Protects roots from direct light and, if necessary, cover them with a piece of paper while changing places.
  • When you fill the pot with the substrate mixture, you must make sure that no air spaces are left inside.
  • Water in abundance to avoid dehydration of the plant and check at all times that the water drains properly.
  • Although the plant is one that needs sunlight, the first week after the change of location it is best to remain in the shade.