How to teach your dog to walk without pulling on the leash?

If you have a dog and the time to go outside is not entirely pleasant, get him to you pet walk quietly by your side, without jerking, it is not difficult, it just requires a little patience. The Official College of Veterinarians of Alicante Remember that educating a dog, teaching it a few minimum behavior guidelines is basic to avoid coexistence problems and to make the animal happier and have a more balanced character.

If you have a dog, think that going for a walk, or even doing some exercise outdoors together, is an excellent idea that will benefit both of you, but being literally «dragged» by your dog is not only very uncomfortable, but what It could be dangerous and cause you to fall.

What to do so that the dog goes by your side during the walk

All experts and canine educators They agree that it is important to teach a series of rules to the animal as soon as possible to avoid bad habits in adulthood. The first advice when it comes to being on the street is not in any way allow the dog to jerk during the walk. To get it you have to make it clear who’s boss, who is the head of his pack. Doing so does not imply punishment, but short and precise orders and the occasional prize.

The jerks are perfectly avoidable and when you manage to teach your dog, you will see that you feel much more comfortable and safe taking him for a walk.

First it accustoms the animal to remain still when putting on the leash. If you are like crazy, jumping up and down because you know the time to go outside is coming, simply wait for it to calm down. Only when he’s calm put his leash on him and give him a treat in the form of a caress or treat. It is the way of saying “like this, we go out, the other way, no”. They are smart and if you are consistent you will learn it soon.

You set the pace

The next step is get out of the house first. If the dog does it before you, go back inside and repeat the operation until you succeed. You go first and you are the one who will set the pace when you walk.

On the street, each canine educator has his “tricks” to prevent the animal from pulling, but everyone agrees that you have to avoid that absurd battle of seeing who pulls harder, whether the dog or you. If your pet pulls with all his might, don’t «fight» with him. Stop and don’t move on until you get him to sit next to you. It can also be effective give a single hard pull followed by a «no» before stopping in your tracks. When your pet is by your side, calm down, reward it again and restart the march.

It can be quite tedious at first, but it pays off and it’s worth spending a couple of weeks to ensure that your future rides will go wonderfully.