How to take care of an automatic watch and extend its useful life?

Due to the characteristics of its mechanism, which depends on human movement, automatic watches need special care for proper maintenance. Depending on the brand, we may find mechanisms capable of lasting several days in operation. without the need for any extra care or parts that, after a few hours without use, stop completely.

Always on the go and in official dealerships

Contrary to what happens with quartz machinery, whose operation depends on a battery, It is recommended that automatic watches are stopped for the shortest time possible. In the event that you plan to stop using it for several days, there are boxes to store these types of pieces whose mechanism allows the clock to move inside, preventing it from stopping completely.

When it comes to repairs, manufacturers recommend that you only go to official dealers of the brand. The explanation that they have to be treated in official workshops, in addition to for the warranty, It is due to the hermeticism of the pieces. Many of them are waterproof and the moment the box is opened for handling, the secrecy is lost and in most cases it can only be obtained from the factory itself.

Beware of shocks and extreme temperature changes

In addition to by possible physical damage, automatic machines are especially sensitive to sudden shocks, as well as changes in temperature. The interior of these types of pieces is designed to the millimeter, so a blow stronger than it should be able to cause the pieces inside move and change position, causing the rest of the gear to not work and end up stopping.

In any case, it is advisable that our watches undergo a periodic review every two years, in which an expert makes sure that everything is correct and perform the small fixes habitual that suffer as a result of the passage of time.