How to sort your mobile phone contacts

Mobile phones tend to accumulate information in the form of images, videos, applications and even contacts, because in this case there comes a time when the user does not really know how many they have or how many of them are repeated.

This situation usually accentuated when changing terminals or when there is a transfer of the phonebook from one SIM card to another. And it is that there is no doubt that mobile phones have become authentic personal agendas, as they also allow you to include various information about each contact, not just their number.

When we are victims of this disorder, the mobiles themselves offer us tools to manage each contact and we can even create a favorites list to which we have immediate access and it is not difficult for us to find the recipient of our call or message. However, if the user is looking for a faster way to organize his contact list and keep it neat, he has numerous options for this in the form of applications.

How to sort your mobile phone contacts

Below we will point out some of the ones that are best valued in the Android marketplace, which is the most used operating system in our country.

Applications to manage contacts


With this app you can make a backup copy of the calendar and sync it on any of the devices that a person has. Likewise, it makes it possible to consult the contacts by account and even proposes suggestions to add new ones or eliminate duplicates.

Simpler: Contacts, phone and call blocking

It is complete app performs near-instant sorting of the address book, while incorporating a caller ID and a blocker spam free, that is, it does not allow calls from sales, advertising or fraud numbers. To this he adds that back up contacts that merges those that are duplicated and that has a smart marker. Another of its functions is to send group messages and emails instantly.

Contacts & Phone – drupe

Is interesting app provides an easy method to organize your phonebook, stopping duplication of contacts. But its functionalities do not stop there, but also offers the user the options of record incoming and outgoing calls, to track and block the spam, and to set reminders to communicate with the most common contacts.

upRing | Contacts Agenda

Is app promises to improve the agenda as it works from device to device (P2P), so that the user and their contacts keep their respective data updated. In addition, the fact that it is P2P provides the certainty that communications are private and secure, thus eliminating possible risks of data loss or theft. Other features it offers are cleaning duplicate numbers, personalizing the phonebook and searching for incomplete contacts.

Contacts + | Contacts / Dialer

Contacts + is offered to the mobile phone user as a app «All in one», since it provides multiple functions to make the management of the contact book easier and, therefore, the use of the terminal. Among the most interesting we must highlight the following: identification of the caller, call and SMS blocking, backup calls and messages, combination of duplicate contacts and widget customizable contacts, among others.

How to sort your mobile phone contacts

Specialized applications in contact duplication

Duplicate Contacts Remover

The main virtue of this app the thing is analyzes, detects and eliminates automatically those contacts that are duplicated on the phone. Of course, it is also responsible for making backup copies of the contact list from the SIM card, from the phone memory, from Google or from any of the social networks that are linked to the telephone terminal.

Delete Multiple Contacts

As its name suggests, this app It is recommended for stop repeating numbers and profiles that are on the agenda. In a simple way and by means of a few clicks, you can filter the contacts and eliminate those that are no longer useful or that are repetitive. It also allows you to make a backup copy of all of them.

Duplicate Contact Optimizer

This combination of Duplicate Contacts Merger and Duplicate Contacts Remover is a app which is responsible for managing contacts for Android. For this reason, it is capable of removing those that are duplicated as well as combining those that are repeated, those that have a similar phone number and those that also have a similar or the same name. To this is added that if desired, it is possible to delete all the contacts without name, without number, without email or that are directly unused. Another of its features is the backup of the phone book and the ability to convert the contacts into vcard / vcf files.