How to share Gif images from Google to Whatsapp

Within the communication and information exchange possibilities offered by WhatsApp (@WhatsApp_es), there is the option to share different types of documents. Among them are the GIF images. These are files made up of moving sequences that our contacts may see without leaving the browser.

From the search engine itself

This type of document, which is very successful on the internet, can be shared through this messaging system via Google Images (@googlephotos) without having to leave the search engine. This is possible thanks to Tenor technology, a GIF platform that has been part of Google since 2018.

Until the company added this option, you had to first download the content and attach it as a file or simply send the link. But now that is no longer necessary because in each image the share symbol appears at the bottom. This is what allows us to send them to users by choosing any instant messaging service, social networks or email.

So if we do a search in Google for this type of animated images and we want to share them, all we have to do is hit the share button that we will see in the lower right part. This will open and immediately a new window will appear with the words Share with. First of all, they are WhatsApp contacts you chat with the most. If it is with any of them, you will only have to choose it and click on it. And if not, you will have to go to the application itself and choose the people manually.

You can also share the GIF through email, other messaging services, social networks, etc.

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Create our own animations

In addition, from Google Photos we can create our own animations from the images that we have stored. For this we only have to access this application from our mobile, and click on the three dots in the upper right part of the screen.

A menu is displayed below. You have to select Animation. We choose the photos that we want to appear in it and then click on Create (which appears in the upper right).

Once created it will show it to us and in the lower left area we will see the option to share again, so that if we click on it we can choose who we want to see it.