How to set the table correctly according to the protocol

If you are one of those who loves to organize dinners at home for family and friends, but you never finish being very clear where the bread plate goes or how the napkin is placed, we are going to try to give you some keys so that you can set up the best tables this Christmas without leaving the protocol. Take note if you want to leave your guests with their mouths open.

Plates, glasses, cutlery and napkins

First we will put the plates, which will help us to mark the places of each of the guests. Ideally, put a low plate, a large plate and a smaller one on top. At the time of starting to eat, depending on the menu and the way the food is served, the most normal thing is that these are replaced by others.

The bread plate is placed in the upper left to the main course.

Regarding the drinks, first we will have to know what we are going to drink. Usually a glass of water is placed on the left and a glass of wine on the right. Both will be at the top in front of the plate. In the event that we want to introduce more glasses such as white wine or cava, now that Christmas is approaching, we can do it either in a straight line, diagonally from the plate (starting from the right), or by making a small ellipse. From left to right they would go: water, red wine, white wine and cava. However, there are those who place them by size or by order of use.

Regarding the cutlery, the forks go on the left side of the plate and their order will be from the outside to the inside: salad, fish and meat. On the right side of the plate we will place the knives that will follow the same order from outside to inside: salad, fish and meat. The spoon will go to the extreme right. The dessert cutlery will be placed on the top of the plate.

For a table 10, the napkins should be cloth. We can place it on top of the plate or on the right side of the plate, but never inside a glass. Ideally, place the napkins in a triangular or rectangular shape, without much elaboration since, otherwise, it will seem that we have handled it excessively and could be a sign of poor hygiene.

Once the table is set, where do we each sit?

Well, the host must always look towards the door through which the dishes must enter in order to be aware of the times and the service. The guests therefore it is recommended that they sit looking towards the best views of the stay.

Likewise, in the case of a not very large table, the ideal is for the host to sit at the head of the table, although this rule may vary depending on the size of the table, so that the host is always close. of all the guests.

Dishes are always served and picked up from the right.

Before serving the dessert it will be necessary to remove all utensils from the table, which will only be done when all the guests have finished eating.

Should I wait for everyone to be served?

Yes. Eating should not begin until everyone is served as a courtesy, but what if there are a lot of us and the dishes are slow to come out? Ideally, all the dishes should come out at the same time so that the one that has been served first does not have to wait until they are served last, eating the food frozen. In the event that they cannot all be served at once, we should be flexible in protocol and invite the one who was served first to start their plate. Although in a quality place, all the dishes should always come out at the same time or in a row.

We hope that with these tips your guests enjoy … and you more.