How to send very large files?

Our tendency to accumulate more and more files and information is a fact. Every time we have more images and videos and we not only have to find a way to store them, but sometimes we also want send or share them. This is very common precisely during the holidays because the videos and photographs that we take are too heavy to send them by email or through a messaging application such as WhatsApp.

How to send then very heavy files in a free way? There are more and more options to carry out this task, but we are going to focus on the most common methods of sharing such files.

Tools prepared for this task

On the one hand we find various tools that are designed for file transfer. In free mode they offer a series of benefits, while if you pay, the capacity multiplies. However, if you are going to use it personally, with the free part you will have enough.

Its mode of use is simple. You choose the files you want to send, include the email address of your recipient and send them. Later, said recipient will download them.

The best known and most used tool today is WeTransfer. In it, once you upload the files, you can send the link to the person you want to download them. The limit for you to do it for free is 2GB. Likewise, the recipient will have one week to download the informationWell, after that time, it will be erased. As simple as that.

Besides WeTransfer, there are other tools like TransferXL or Transfernow.

How to store documents on google drive

Use your virtual «hard drive»

Another good option to send your large files is to do it through your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts to give a couple of examples. As you well know, in them you have a free storage limit. Well, you can store the files you want to send there and then share them with the people you want.

To do this, you will only have to send them by email, so that the recipient will have access to a specific folder or file (and nothing more than that part) that can be downloaded to their own computer.