How to send flowers online (and some establishments where you can do it)

There is no need to wait for an anniversary celebration, a birthday or that a loved one is admitted to the hospital. Receiving flowers for no reason is a very grateful gesture by family and friends. So, if you want to surprise with this beautiful gift, it is not necessary to go to a store to buy a great bouquet of flowers as a gift, you can do it from the comfort of your home and using your mobile or computer. As simple as that.

Steps to follow

When sending a center or a bouquet of flowers with the recipient’s favorite species, you just have to enter the applications or establishments that have Shipping on-line at home (We will recommend some of them later). There you can consult the catalog of all the products they have, to choose the one you like the most for the person who receives the gift.

Once you have decided the variety, color and quantity of flowers that you want to make up your bouquet, you can complete your order with a card with a few words of memory or thanks, a small decorative accessory, a box of chocolates or a small bottle to toast that special moment.

Do not forget, before making the payment, of provide the recipient’s address, in addition to the date if you want a day to come for a specific reason. The good news is that many of these plants or flowers come with a brief indications that the recipient will like to know to take better care of them, such as the amount of water they need, the light or the best products to keep them fresh for much longer.


Apps and serviced stores on-line

Now that you know how to send flowers and you don’t need an excuse to do it, don’t miss out on these applications and establishments who will become the perfect accomplices to surprise the recipient of this gift:

  • Colvin (@thecolvinco). “Directly from the field to the center of your table.” This is what they promise from this company that send fresh flowers (lasting up to 2 weeks) at home in just 24 hours and anywhere on the peninsula and Mallorca.
  • Bonbee: Download this app and in 90 minutes will deliver the proposal in Barcelona that the florists of this firm have prepared. If you dare to try it, they offer you the first free shipping.
  • Interflora (@interfloraes). One of the best-known companies in the sector and where you will find a special bouquet for every occasion: Mother’s Day, Grandparents’ Day or to celebrate a most romantic Valentine’s Day. They even offer the ability to deliver on the same day if you order before 3:00 p.m.. Ideal for the most clueless.

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