How to send and receive packages without having to go to the post office?

The express parcel It is already a reality that customs have changed when making a shipment. The first to adapt to these changes has been Post, which already offers a wide range of online services including the collection, at your own home, of almost anything you have to get anywhere in Spain or abroad.

How services of this type work

There are many logistics and parcel companies that offer services of this type and it does not hurt to resort to some comparator, because conditions and prices are variable. In general, they all work very similarly. The steps you must follow to send a package without leaving your home can be summarized as follows:

  • You will have to access through the Web of the company that interests you, or download the corresponding mobile app. In most cases, you will need to register by establishing a user and password, something that will be worth, later, to make a following your shipment.
  • The next step is to determine the shipping type, from which the corresponding rate. In general, this will depend on the rush you have when the package reaches its destination. In this sense, there is great flexibility, being able to choose between express delivery, on the same day, the next day or on the date you decide.
  • When you hire the service, it is important specify the weight and measurements of the package because it will also influence the rate. Some companies also require that what you want to send should be in boxes or envelopes of certain sizes. It is advisable to consult.
  • Once you have specified all the necessary data to make the shipment, you will have to decide if you want to take it yourself to a reception office or request to be picked up at address, pointing out the time slot that suits you best. In the same way, you can choose if you want the delivery to be made «by hand», or if the package arrives at a pick up point.
  • When you order, you will get a nIdentification number or code with which you will be able to know, at all times, where the package is going.

Although it may seem a bit complicated, most companies offer an efficient service, which can provide you with convenience and save you time when carrying out the postal shipments you need.