How to return a receipt already loaded into account

A lots of receipts are regularly uploaded to our Bank account: gas, electricity, water, insurance, the community of owners, telecommunications … There are so many that we have domiciled for their payment that many times we lose track of them and we do not know exactly what date we paid them or which is its amount. In these circumstances, it is not surprising that the day we look at the bank statement we find a surprise.

As the account holder, you must give express and signed authorization so that, from a certain date, payments can begin. This order can refer to both a one-time and permanent debt (every month, quarter, year). In this second case, it is not necessary to authorize the payments each time and they will be charged as long as we do not say otherwise.

If you have ever considered return any of those receipts and you do not know what to do to revoke the direct debit of a receipt, you must bear in mind that the cancellation of the direct debit order must also be done expressly, in a document with a date and signature. It will only take effect if we deliver it to the bank before the business day prior to the receipt. If not, it would affect subsequent payments.

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Conditions for returning a receipt

According to the Bank of Spain (@Bank of Spain), the requirements to revoke a receipt depend on whether or not the charge was previously authorized:

–To return an authorized receipt, two requirements must be met. In the first place, that at the time of authorizing it, the amount that was going to be charged initially was not specified. Secondly, after paying receipts of a similar amount, one whose amount is much more than those previously paid will be turned over to you. In this case, it can be returned within eight weeks at your expense.

For example: If you direct the receipt of insurance with an annual premium of 500 euros, the amount specified in the policy at the time of contracting, and the following year you are charged 510 euros, the receipt could not be returned. If the same insurance is contracted without specifying an amount for the premium and one year they charge you 500 euros and the following year 800 euros, you can return the receipt within eight weeks.

–If you did not authorize the receipt charge, you can reject it without further ado for the next 13 months.

In any case, remember the banking supervisor, your bank has 10 business days to return the full amount or justify its rejection of your request. If he denies you the return, he must indicate the claim procedures, judicial and extrajudicial, that you have at your disposal.