How to retire if you have been a housewife. What steps should you take

The retirement of people who have exercised their whole life as Housewives It can be more complicated than those who have worked for their own company or as freelancers, since unfortunately this work is not remunerated with a salary like the rest of the trades. We leave you a guide for you to process retirement if you have dedicated yourself to housework throughout your life.

Special features

To begin with, the housewife, the person who works every day to make his home work, must know that he also has the right to retirement. Housewives can also retire at 65 years. This group does not reach a regular retirement, in which one ceases their work activity and begins to collect a contributory retirement pension by virtue of the years that they have contributed Social Security contributions.

Housewives are a group that does not contribute to Social Security since they are not included in any contribution scheme. Therefore, they will not be able to request a contributory retirement pension. Yes, they may, if they prove the requirements, among others family income and personal situation, request a non-contributory retirement pension. These pensions are intended to provide minimum resources to those individuals who have not been able to contribute or they have done it insufficiently.

Cases in which Social Security allows you to continue working while you are retired


  • Age: have reached the ordinary age, except for exceptions. The current ordinary retirement age in 2019 is 65 years and 8 months. However, if you have contributed at least 36 years and nine months or more, you can continue to retire at 65.
  • Minimum listing period: 15 years, of which at least two must be within the fifteen years immediately prior to the moment of causing the right.
  • Non-registered workers such as housewives: the day of submission of the application.

The pension is calculated on the Regulatory Base of this benefit, which is the result of dividing by 280 the sum of the contribution bases of the 20 years prior to the application updated with the variation of the CPI. A percentage is applied to the Regulatory Base: en 2017, if you have been in contributions for 35.5 years, 100% of this Regulatory Base corresponds to you but this percentage goes down to 50% if only 15 years were listed.

Take advantage while doing household chores to stay fit effortlessly


Where to present it

Use the program of self-calculation of the pension of the Social Security itself. It is necessary to request in advance the Working Life and the history of the Contribution Bases to then enter «manually» all that information and obtain the amount of our pension based on those data entered. It is a somewhat laborious method but it allows us to take into account some unique aspects both from our past work life and possible future work scenarios before retirement. The program directly determines the application of which legislation to apply in each specific case.

If the previous method is too complicated, you can also go to a Social Security service office. At the Service Centers of the National Institute of Social Security you can request a preliminary calculation of your retirement pension as long as, at least in theory, there are three months or less until the date you want to retire. For this management you will need to request an appointment.

How and when to request a work life report (Bigstock)

What documentation

For this type of retirement the valid DNI is exclusively essential (important); the family book (for cases in which the existence of a dependent spouse must be proven and access the minimum supplement and increase the amount of a low pension) and a checking account number from your bank to enter your monthly pension payments. It is not even necessary to fill out the application form if it is done in person at the Social Security office. If it is necessary to take advantage of any bonus or supplement for childbirth and / or childcare, it will also be necessary to provide the corresponding Family Book.

Labor and Law Office

The public employee who attends you starts the procedure in real time. Within a few days (if your retirement is not “complicated”, for example because you have contributed in several countries or have periods in different SS regimes), you will receive a message on your mobile which reads: “The benefit you have requested has been approved. You will shortly receive by certified mail the resolution signed by the Provincial Director and the corresponding documentation and information ”.

In any case, the maximum official term to resolve and communicate is 90 days from the date of request.