How to request the Certificate of Crimes of a Sexual Nature

The Certificate of Crimes of a Sexual Nature is a document that issued by the Ministry of Justice (@justiciagob) and that certifies the lack or existence of crimes (final convictions) of this nature such as harassment, aggression, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, pornography or corruption of minors, once the Central Registry of Sex Offenders.

Anyone, regardless of age, is required to carry out work that involves the direct contact with minors. Work or volunteer in a children’s dining room, participate as a monitor in an activity or workshop aimed at the little ones, be part of the support staff in camps where children go … A thousand situations that, given the multiple cases that have occurred related to abuse minors, have made the requirement of this document necessary to prevent someone with a record from being near a minor and causing irreparable harm.

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Where, how and when?

This certificate is enforceable by law to carry out any work that involves direct care for minors, whether it is carried out in the field of public or private companies, or in an organization in the form of volunteers.

Obtaining it is a very simple procedure, which you can do online avoiding unnecessary travel. You must go to the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Justice and access with your electronic ID, a valid digital certificate or your access data to the Cl @ ve system. Once you have filled out the corresponding form, which you will find on the web, you can obtain your certificate immediately (by specifying an email address) or request that it be sent home by ordinary mail.

If you prefer do it in person, it is also possible. To do this, you must go to the territorial management of the Ministry of Justice or to the delegations or sub-delegations of the Government of your Autonomous Community. In the case of Madrid, the certificate can be requested at Calle Bolsa 8, but it must be specified that you will not be attended without an appointment.

In the case of requesting it in person, you can also have it in your hands the same day, but keep in mind that this is not always the case. The administration has a period of 10 days to issue the certificate.

Finally, it must be remembered that as a general rule, once presented, You do not have to reapply in time, unless the company or organization considers it timely. The applicable regulations in this regard also establish that You can authorize the body with which you collaborate to request the certificate on your behalf. It is normal for them to do so when several people join the job at the same time.