How to request permission to cut down a tree?

It is a somewhat complicated issue, because if a tree is in your garden or plot, it can be assumed that you are responsible for it, for its care and also for a possible logging if, for any reason, you consider it appropriate that you should get rid of it.

This is not the case. It should be noted that the legislation that affects the felling of trees in private spaces concerns the autonomous communities and it even depends on specific municipal laws in certain cases, which is why, before making a clean break, prior consultation with local institutions is important.

What permits does logging require?

It must be clear that, with the objective of general protection of the environment and of the forest mass in particular, in most cases, the felling of trees, even on private property, requires a series of notifications or licenses that, if they are not requested, they can imply high fines, especially if they are unique or protected trees in each Community.

If you want to cut down a tree in your garden, because it is causing structural damage to the home, because it is a “sick” specimen that suffers from an infestation that advises that it should be removed, or simply because it has apparently dried up, you should check the current regulations in your community and in your town hall.

The request that authorizes you to a drastic pruning or felling works in a similar way in almost all the Autonomies. As an example, in the case of Madrid, two categories are established, depending on whether it is unique or protected trees, which require a license prior to felling, or if they are specimens not subject to special protection, in which case. generally a mere communication will suffice.

To obtain the permit you will have to submit the application corresponding to your town hall or municipal board, providing the documentation that they request: photographs, plans or reports that show that logging is advisable. Depending on each case, these procedures can be carried out in person or through the internet.

Beware of fines

As they point out experts In this area, the fines for breaking the regulations can be really high and there are more protected tree species than you can imagine. In an illegal logging, both the owner of the plot and the company that can carry it out are responsible.

In conclusion, even if it is in your garden, before pruning or felling a tree, find out if you need a permit or license of any kind to avoid causing environmental damage due to ignorance and also receive a sanction for a considerable financial amount.

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