How to report the death of a pensioner to Social Security?

When the death of a close person occurs, in addition to assimilating the loss, it is necessary carry out a series of bureaucratic procedures, of which we must inform ourselves. If this loved one who is no longer with us received a pension from the State, then we will have to take a series of actions in the Administration.

It should always be communicated

The first thing we have to do is communicate that the death has occurred. Any change that occurs in this regard must always be reported, something that is normally done by family members. This is required by the regulations in this regard, and in the case of not doing so it will be considered a serious infringement with legal consequences.

The place where this information must be provided is in any of the Social Security Information Attention Centers, that is, in their offices, which can be consulted on their website. In this there is a search engine where you can indicate the town or municipality in which you reside, and you will see the address of the different offices there are. In some cases you can only come by appointment to do this type of procedure, something that you must also manage from the electronic headquarters of the Social Security. If in doubt there is a information phoneSpecifically, there is line 901 10 65 70, which is enabled to request an automated appointment for pensions and other benefits. To obtain only information, call 901 16 65 65 for Pensions and other benefits (INSS).

In the offices

When we go to the office that we have chosen we will have to take with us the pensioner’s death certificate. This is a document that must be issued by the doctor who treated the person at the time of death. Is about an official model issued by the Official College of Physicians. Once we have it, we must go to the Civil Registry to present it and have it registered in this body, leaving a record of the fact.

For this procedure there is a period established by the regulations which is 30 days after death occurred.

How the retirement simulator of the Social Security electronic office works

Regarding the pension, we must bear in mind that the SS accrue this for entire monthly payments that are distributed in fourteen payments, that is, twelve ordinary and two extraordinary. The former are always paid in full, including the one that corresponds to the month in which the event occurred. Thus, this body will pay for the entire month, regardless of the moment in which the death occurred.

Regarding the extraordinary pay, the one that corresponds to the following with respect to the last one received by the pensioner, It shall be understood as accrued on the 1st of the month in which the cause of termination occurs.. In this way, it must be paid together with the last monthly payment of the pension to which they were entitled if the leave due to death has taken place within the corresponding period.

If not, you have to request the corresponding amounts as extra pay as accrued and not received. To do this, a series of calculations are made depending on the month in which the loss occurred.

In addition, if for any reason the calculations have been made wrong and you are receiving more than what would correspond, you have the obligation to reimburse what corresponds. If, in turn, by action or omission, other people have contributed to the occurrence of these perceptions, they must respond subsidiarily with the recipients of the reimbursement of the same, unless it can be shown that there has been no bad faith in it.

Ministry of Social Security

Other aspects

This procedure can be carried out in a on-line also if we have a digital certificate, through the electronic headquarters where there is a section enabled for it. Similarly, it should be noted that if the deceased was receiving some type of regional insertion income, the corresponding Autonomous Community must be notified that the death has occurred.

On the other hand, if at the same time the deceased was receiving any amount from a foreign country having carried out a job outside of Spain, the change must be reported. In these cases, in order to continue receiving these contributions, what is done in these countries is to carry out a control of experience and deaths, in such a way that the pensioner has to send the life certificate. If they stop receiving it, then the payment of the pension is automatically suspended. However, it must be borne in mind that if this notice is not produced then charges may occur that no longer correspond to the true condition of the beneficiary. Thus we would be incurring an infraction.

Pensions are not inherited, but it is true that there are certain conditions that may involve a benefit when a pensioner passes away. Generally, the beneficiaries in these cases are the spouses or other family members, therefore we refer to the widow’s pensions for the couple or for orphans, if that is the case. Of all these matters they do not have to provide information in the offices or by telephone.