How to repeat the Wi-Fi signal and why is it recommended?

In most homes there is already installed a router with which it is possible connect to the Internet from different devices: personal computers, tablets, mobile phones, televisions … From that router The WiFi signal is expanded that allows computers to navigate and access all the services offered by cyberspace. However, it is not surprising to hear that of “‘Wi-Fi’ is not good for my room”. And it is necessary to take into account that the speed that is achieved through this type of connection is less than if a cable were used.

After all, between the router and devices appear barriers that sometimes hinder reception Of the signal. For this reason, it is convenient to have a system that acts as a repeater, especially in houses that are large. In this way, the signal will reach the different rooms in better conditions, eliminating the problem of interference.

Router placement

One aspect that you must take into account in order to have a better connection is the placement of the router. While it is true that we are not talking about devices that are a paragon of virtues in terms of their design and the decoration options they propose, it is no less true that hiding them will only cause the signal arrives in worse condition.

How to repeat the Wi-Fi signal and why is it recommended?

Ideally, it should be in the home center, although this is not always possible because many times we depend on the installation that is in the apartment or the house. However, what we can do is place it in a place free of barriers and, if possible, somewhat elevated. That way, the connections will be more effective. Also, if you have antennas, they should be one vertically and one horizontally (in case you have two).

As for the elements that can cause interference, we find from metallic objects, to various devices and electrical appliances, through other Wifi networks that are present in the building, especially those of the adjacent floors. In the latter case, when you install the router or if they are going to review it, ask them to use one of the channels where less signals from others routers come on. It must be taken into account that in a building there are several channels that the different facilities share, so it is recommended that there is not a more crowded one as that will cause a greater slowness.

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Improve signal

If, despite all the above, you still have connection problems in some parts of your home, the best option is repeat the signal by placing Wifi repeaters strategically placed. As their name suggests, these repeaters have that function: to bring the signal in good condition to places where router barely arrives.

Therefore, its operation is as follows: they connect to the router and they create a new Wifi from the signal they receive. Obviously this implies that the repeater must be placed in an area where the signal reaches well, otherwise you will not notice any improvement. For example, if you have the router In the living room and from one of the most remote rooms the connection is not good, you can place a repeater in the corridor that leads to it, thus reducing the distance and offering a better signal.

How to repeat the Wi-Fi signal and why is it recommended?


Although having Wi-Fi repeaters is quick and easy -as well as cheap-, there are other options that also carry out this task. One of them is PLC (Power Line Communications), technology that makes it possible to improve the internet connection using electrical installation that is in the home. Its operation is simple, since you simply have to connect the devices developed for this task to the sockets and then they will take care of bringing the Internet connection to other parts of the house (creating a Wi-Fi point in each of the locations). This is possible because it is used a different frequency for Internet and for electric current.

Wifi Mesh

A third option to repeat the Wifi signal is through this system called Wifi Mesh. It is more «intelligent» than the previous ones since what it does is create a network with router and the different access points. Of course, it offers the option to manage it. In fact, these systems have the ability to always search for the best connection option, that is, it is possible that a computer is located closer to one point than another, but the latter offers greater speed at that moment. So let that other point be used, making smoother operation of the entire network.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention a few last options: the use of a router old as a repeater (it would have to be configured as support equipment for the main router) or even the use of a personal computer as an additional access point for other teams that are close to it.