How to renew the DNI if I cannot move

If you cannot move from your home due to some type of disability or because you must remain admitted for a time in a hospital and it’s time to renew the DNI, you can do it without problems. Agents the police come closer to where you are and they carry out the procedures so that you can remain identified. This is possible since the National Police Corps incorporate mobile equipment in the processing of the National Identity Document, as explained on its website.

In order to make this request you will have to tell with the help of a representative or family member who presents it. We will tell you below how to proceed.

Step one: fill out a form

The first step you have to take is to fill out a form created specifically for the people who have some impossibility of displacement and that they cannot go to a police station to renew their ID. This document authorizes the official to go home or health center pertinent to carry out the necessary procedures for the person to obtain their new ID. It is also credited to keep the document and the personal access code (PIN) until it is delivered to the owner.

Documentation necessary to renew the DNI

To request this procedure, the following documentation must be presented, as indicated on the website of the National Police Force:

  • Application form, to be filled in by the person responsible for the incapacitated person. You can download it on the police website or through this link.
  • Photography of the person who is going to renew their ID.
  • Official medical certificate that proves the impossibility of displacement.

With all these documents, the representative of the interested party must go to one of the DNI issuing offices and deliver the application along with the documents. Afterwards, you will be informed of the steps to follow and will have to wait for the date on which the official’s visit to the appropriate place will be determined.

To solve any doubt about the DNI request through this method, you can consult the own website of the National Police.