How to remove scratches from glass: homemade tricks and tips

If your glass table or any other glass surface has been scratched and you don’t want to change the whole piece, there are some tricks to remove, hide, and remove scratches using toothpaste, petroleum jelly, glass wax, or a polish.

The first thing we must do is properly clean the damaged surface with our usual glass cleaner or with a little soap and water.


Dab some toothpaste on the scratched surface and spread it well with a clean, soft cloth.

We must wait until the paste is dry to remove the excess product with a cloth, again, clean, dry and soft.

This trick to hide scratched glass surfaces is highly recommended for glass ceramic hobs, for example, or for all those surfaces where the scratch is not very deep.

Crystal wax

This wax, which we can easily find in drugstores, supermarkets or DIY stores, for example, is very effective in solving these types of problems, especially in large crystals.

For its use, the normal thing will be to spread the wax on the glass and, with a chamois, polish the affected area until the product penetrates well into the damaged area and improves its appearance.

It can be applied several times if the result is not optimal after a first use. In this case, after applying it, we will polish the glass again and clean the excess with a dry, lint-free cloth.

Ammonia or ammonia fluid

The ammonia will help us, not to eliminate the scratch, but to hide it. To do this, we will mix water with a little ammonia and, with the help of a little microfiber, we will apply it to the damaged surface using circular movements.

Finally, we will dry the surface with force as if we were polishing it.

Vaseline and baking soda

If we mix these two products we will be able to fill in the scratch and provide a better appearance of the damaged surface.

The formula consists of mixing a small spoonful of petroleum jelly with one of baking soda. Next, apply the resulting paste on the damaged surface, always in the opposite direction to the scratch so that the mixture can do its job.

The petroleum jelly will serve to hide scratches on mobiles, tablets and laptops.

5 homemade tricks to hide and remove scratches and scratches from glass Photo: bigstock


It is one of the most complex and expensive options. To make a scratch disappear, we must polish the entire surface completely and, in the case of a large glass, it will be complex.