How to remove make-up correctly? Disposable wipes or cotton?

Cleaning our skin on a daily basis is essential for it to look radiant. But, doing a good cleaning is more complex than we think and there are different methods for it. It is useless to apply a good cream if our face is not really clean, hence the importance of using the right products and accessories.

How many times do you remove your makeup per day?

It is essential to start with this question. If you have answered once a day, we have to tell you that your answer is wrong.

You should do it twice a day, once at night to remove make-up and remove all impurities from the skin, and another in the morning when we wake up to eliminate the secretions that the skin itself produces when it regenerates during sleep hours.

How should we remove make-up? ... disposable wipes or cotton?

With what should we clean our skin?

The truth is that our daily rhythm means that we have fewer and fewer hours a day for our pampering and beauty care. For this reason, when it comes to removing make-up, brands have thought about it and more and more products are launching on the market to help us save time and gain comfort, such as make-up remover wipes.

Experts point out that we should not abuse this type of product, since they do not clean in depth and, depending on the brands, they may even contain some astringent active ingredients for the skin. However, they can be a good option as a first step to remove make-up and then use another deeper cleaning method.

The composition of many of them can generate some allergies or cause dryness and irritation of the footl. Therefore, if you prefer to use this make-up remover system, it is essential that you rinse the skin with water after use.

The use of cotton for facial cleansing it is one of the most recommended products, especially for people with sensitive skin, as they are very soft. In addition, cotton is very hygienic compared to other systems such as mittens or towels, which are either cleaned and disinfected daily, or could be counterproductive for our skin by generating bacteria. In addition, the use of towels or mittens could irritate the skin in those with sensitivity due to the effect of rubbing.

For all this, without a doubt, the use of cleansing milk With cottons, always of good quality so as not to damage our face, it is one of the most delicate options. Of course, if yours is a matter of laziness, better a washcloth than going to bed without removing make-up.

Remember to finish your cleansing ritual with a good toner that provides soothing and moisturizing substances to the skin.