How to remove gum from the sole of a shoe or your carpet

Chewing gum is addictive for many people who find pleasure in chewing it on a daily basis or use it for all sorts of purported benefits, such as relieving anxiety or quitting smoking. Of course, this habit can cause health problems, among which may be the wear of the jaw joints, the poor closing of the mouth or even intestinal irritation, burning, gas or heartburn for the simple fact of cheating. to our stomach by chewing without swallowing anything (not to mention the possible consequences for our teeth). But, beyond the complications for health, if once used the gums do not end up where they should, they can cause other types of setbacks.

Chewing gum remains for a long time on indoor and outdoor floors, and the germs they contain once used remain weeks after they are thrown on the ground, thus becoming a source of bacteria while they are breaking down.

How to remove gum from the sole of your shoe AND your carpet!  (Photo Bigstock) 4

It has happened to all of us: walking down the street distracted and stepping on a gum with the sole of the shoe. It is easy to guess when it has happened to someone around us, since it is normal to start scratching the sole on a curb or in the sand, or to try to find a branch with which to scratch it. But things can get worse if we have not realized that we stepped on it in the street and we have taken it home. So a very useful trick can be to spray the gum with a «three in one» type oil, the kind used to loosen rusted screws, for example. The gum will come off easily later.

Toughen it up first

Another very common trick is to use ice: you apply cold with a cube on the chiche and, when it hardens and is no longer sticky, it will be much easier to remove it from our sole. These two methods are not exclusive, that is, you can first apply ice the gum and, when the chewing gum has turned a uniform and solid mass again, then apply the oil. Surely that way you will not have any problem removing it.

By curling the curl, some of our gum may have ended up on our carpet. If you choose to use ice on your carpet as well, a solution may be to place the cubes in a bag and apply the cold to the gum. But if the gum has been there for a long time and has gotten into the fibers of the carpet, as in this case we will not be able to use an oil to loosen hinges or any abrasive product, you can moisten a cloth with a little cooking oil and go soaking the gum patiently. Then you can try to remove it with a spreadable knife and remove any rest with soap and water (a toothbrush can help us in this meticulous task).