How to remove grease from the oven and microwave

Both the oven and the microwave are two of the household appliances that cost the most to clean. Grease is embedded like nowhere else and sometimes no matter how hard we rub, it is impossible to remove it. The solution is through find the right products to ensure that both devices are pristine.

Cleaning the oven

In the case of the oven, we need three ingredients to create an almost miraculous paste, baking soda, white cleaning vinegar, and water. We will have to take a bowl or any deep container that we can put in the oven.

Next we add the bicarbonate, hot water and vinegar. We will see that a reaction occurs and begins to form a kind of white foam. With the cleaning gloves on, we take a scouring pad and spread it and then spread with small touches over the entire surface of the oven, but without rubbing. Later, we put the bowl in the oven.

We can do two things, we close the oven and let it act for several hours or overnight, and wait, or turn the oven on at 100º C for 45 minutes. After the chosen time we pass the scrubber again and observe how the dirt comes out by itself. This is one of the most effective solutions to eliminate fat.

Cleaning the microwave

Baking soda is also an option for cleaning the microwave. Enough with sprinkle a little of the product on a damp sponge and run it through the entire device. Then we rinse well with water and a cloth to make it shiny.

Another trick is to use a lemon. We can squeeze it or cut it in half. In both cases we must put it in a container with water, to which we can add a little bicarbonate or a branch of parsley.

We turn it on at full power for about five minutes until checking that it has fogged up with the steam generated. When we see that the microwave glass is wet or we even start to smell the aroma that the lemon gives off, then it is ready. When removing the container you must be careful not to burn yourself.

The steam that the mixture has given off is what will allow you to remove the accumulated dirt with a simple cloth. At the same time, thanks to the lemon, the microwave will release a pleasant scent.

We can do the same process, only instead of using lemon we will use white vinegar. The only thing is that it is not flavored.

Both items can also be used to clean the oven. Although in this case the mixture of water with lemon or vinegar should be left for about 30 minutes at 200 ºC.