How to remove fading from white clothes

White clothes is usually very sensitive to those colored garments that have not yet experienced the passage of time and that may lose some of the dye in each wash. With a simple sock or dish towel, your most pristine clothes can go bad in a matter of minutes.

To solve this mishap, there is an infallible method that has been used since time immemorial and that consists of re-washing the garment in question in a large container with water, soap and bleach, the master ingredient. You just have to stir from time to time and gently rub the faded part. However, this product sometimes damages the most delicate clothes, that’s why you can also resort to other homemade and 100% natural tricks. Take note!


In this first case, you just have to fill a basin with water and add a few three or four tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Soak the garment between five and thirty minutes and then put it back in the washing machine as usual.

Although many people use this product alone, depending on the stain characteristics (if it is large or small, thin or dry, or if it is a delicate garment) it can be combined with your usual detergent or, in more serious cases, a few drops of ammonia.

Faded white clothes


Another remedy available to anyone. Due to their acid components, vinegar can also be very useful for disinfect and remove the toughest stains, also the faded ones. To do this, dilute a cup of vinegar in two liters of water, add a tablespoon of detergent and stir everything until it is integrated.

Then put the damaged garment in the container and let it sit in the mixture overnight. The next morning wash it again by hand and with cold water, rubbing especially on the stain.

Does lemon also work?

Although some claim that it is not as effective as the rest of the techniques, others argue that if the fading is not too intense, the lemon is also capable of eliminating it. His whitening and antibacterial properties, which you can also take advantage of with your white clothes. In addition, in this case, the process is much faster and easier.

You just have to cut a lemon in half, rub it directly against the stain and let the juice soak into it. Then put the garment in a place where the sun shines and see if the stain disappears over time. When you have done it, wash it as usual to remove the lemon residue.