How to remove a bad smell from a washing machine

The bacteria. Those are the culprits that your washing machine gives off a bad smell. Moisture and traces of dirt that accumulate in the filter, on the door rubber or even in the detergent drawer cause bacteria to proliferate.

There are some products on the market to solve this problem, but you can also do it yourself with products as basic as vinegar, bicarbonate and water. Take good note because, in addition, we leave you some suggestions so that it does not happen again.

We are going to discard the parts of the washing machine where the origin of the bad smell may be:

Check the filter

The filter is in the lowest part of the washing machine. It is usually covered by a lid and to remove it you have to unscrew it. You must remove it to check if something is stuck (hair ties, coins, a small sock …) and also to clean it in case it has accumulated some dirt.

When removing it, be careful to unscrew little by little, as it usually releases accumulated water. It is best if you have a mop nearby to dry.

Clean the drawer

If we do not clean the detergent and fabric softener drawer frequently, residues of these products will accumulate and are also the origin of the bad smell. The most effective solution is to remove them and leave them overnight with water and white vinegar. The next morning simply rinse them, dry them well and put them back in place.

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The drum

If you think that the bad smell comes from the drum of your washing machine, you can use a drum cleaning program that some models have or take advantage of a white laundry, since the washing program is usually at a higher temperature —40º or 60º — and hot water kills bacteria and therefore also the bad smell.

Another option is to use a short cycle of water, add a glass of white vinegar and when finished turn off the washing machine and leave the door open for the rest of the day.

If the bad smell persists, try placing a washing container with bicarbonate in the drum is a great help for a totally effective cleaning.

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The rubber of the washing machine

It is the preferred place for dirt and can be the cause of bad odor. To clean it, try mixing 50 ml of white vinegar, 250 ml of water and a tablespoon of bicarbonate, moisten a cloth and wipe it all over the rubber.

It can also happen that the rubber has mold that grows in the joints or folds. To eliminate mold, just use the following ingredients: 3 liters of water; 60 ml. of lemon juice and 250ml. hydrogen peroxide.

Mix the ingredients well and pour them into an atomizer spray. Reserve the leftover. Spray the mixture and let the product work on the mold to remove it. Later, wipe all the rubber with a clean cloth or sponge and remove any traces of mold. Dry well with a clean cloth. Once clean, program a long, high-temperature wash cycle and pour the remaining mixture into the detergent compartment. When the program is over, dry the rubber and let the drum air out.

And now that it is well free of bacteria, do not allow them to reappear. Take note of these recommendations and prevent the bad smell from returning:

  • Do not close the washing machine after each wash. If you do not let the washing machine air out, you will get moisture to accumulate and, as a consequence, the bad smell will appear.
  • Use mesh bags for small items to prevent them from inadvertently getting on the door rubber or filter.
  • Take the clothes out of the washing machine as soon as you finish the program to avoid the musty smell of clothes.
  • Wash the detergent drawer to remove any product residue and do not use more than you need, encourages mold to form.
  • Use an absorbent cloth for the door rubber once the wash program has finished to remove excess water.

A clean washing machine will not only not have a bad smell, but it will also help you to wash your clothes properly, you will save water and detergent. Clean your washing machine at least once a month. And enjoy the clean smell!

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