How to relax the tension in your face?

Are you one of those who snaps the jaw at all hours? Do you grind your teeth at night and that makes your ears hurt later? Do you usually have the muscles of your face in tension?

Whether to relax tension, to keep the muscles of the face firm or simply to activate blood circulation, facial massage is a good practice.

The ideal thing would be to be able to go to a therapist or have someone else give it to you, because that way the massage is much more relaxing, since you just have to let yourself be done. But, if for whatever reasons, you don’t have someone to give it to you, we bring you some facial self-massage techniques to relieve muscle tensionr simple, easy to do and… cheap.

Step 1

We place both thumbs under the chin to support the head on them and the rest of the fingers on the center of the forehead.

Step 2

We move our fingers firmly across the surface of the forehead towards the temples.

Step 3

We lengthen the movements progressively passing very gently over the temples and firmly following the cheeks to the chin.

Step 4

To relieve the tension in the jaw, we move the fingers firmly up and down the base of the jaw and the inside of the ear.

As a general rule we recommend doing these exercises calmly, becoming aware of each movement. Better if you do it at night because, not only will you relax the tension accumulated throughout the day, but also, you will promote a better sleep.

Remember that at night if we are stressed we tend to fit our jaws or grind our teeth, a previous massage can facilitate mental and muscular peace. In addition, we complete this information with a specific video to relieve jaw pain.

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