How to reheat French fries and make them fresh

The chips freshly made, they are a very appetizing dish that is hard to get tired of, but once they cool down, their flavor and texture change completely and they are no longer such an appetizing dish. This happens because potatoes have a large amount of starch in the form of granules (like spheres) of different sizes. When we fry the potato, subjecting it to a high temperature, the starch spheres undergo a process called gelatinization and swell, giving the inside of the fried potato its creamy texture that is so popular. Meanwhile, on the outside, the potato burns in contact with the oil, forming the dry and crunchy topping that we know. However, when the potato cools, the process is reversed: the granules begin to lose water, causing it to become sandy and dry. At the same time, the water rises to the surface of the potato, soaking the crispy coating and turning it into a fluffy dough.

And if, of course, we use the microwave to reheat them as we do with other foods, the result is disappointing because they remain soft and taste bad. Therefore, What is the proper way to reheat some French fries so that they are tender on the inside and crisp on the outside as if they were freshly made.? There are different ways:

In the pan

Tricks to reheat the fries and make them appetizing again

It may surprise us that the potatoes simply have to be fried again, but that’s the way it is. Now, following a series of tips to obtain good results. First of all We must put a pan over medium heat until it is very hot (a high temperature is key). We add a small amount of olive oil and place the potatoes in small quantities so that they are not piled up. We let them heat up for about two minutes while we stir. To finish, we must remove the excess oil with kitchen paper and add salt to taste.

In the deep fryer

Tricks to reheat the french fries and make them appetizing again

If we have a deep fryer, we can also use it to reheat the potatoes. The trick is to put the oil at maximum temperature and submerge them for a few seconds (3 or 4) several times until they are hot. Every time we remove the potatoes, we must shake the basket to drain the oil.

In the oven

Tricks to reheat the fries and make them appetizing again

We can also use the oven to achieve our purpose. In this case We will preheat to about 200 degrees and when it is hot, we take out the tray and place the potatoes in it in a single layer and without being piled up so they don’t stick. We leave the potatoes inside for 7-8 minutes (or until we check that they are to our liking). Better if during this time we stir them a little.