How to record audios and phone calls

Mobile phones increasingly have more functions – they are cameras, they send text messages, they do the work of GPS navigators, they allow us to play … – and sometimes we forget that its main task is that we communicate by talking; plain and simple. In fact, it is very likely that on some occasion you have wondered if it is possible record a conversation so as not to have to remember the details of it. Although it is not as simple a function as record an audio, Yes it can if we have the appropriate applications, although we must bear in mind that the operating systems of our smartphones they put more and more restrictions.

Record an audio

Before moving on to recording calls, remember how easily any other audio can be recorded. You simply have to go to the small application that all phones include in the operating system (in Android it is called Tape recorder) and hit the red dot when you go to speak. The result will be automatically saved in a folder that you can access at any time. As you already know, when we use WhatsApp, we can send voice messages directly. These messages are also saved as a recording (if you lack space on your mobile, you should delete them regularly) and can even be forwarded.

Is it legal to record a call?

Although our intentions when we want to record a call may be totally innocuous, it is worth wondering about the legality of such action and if we are violating the Data Protection Act. Well, in Spain it is legal to record any conversation as long as we participate in it (also on video). For this, it is not necessary to ask the other person or persons for consent, although if you are going to do so, you should notify them as a courtesy.

What you will not be allowed is spread that recording, since there is a crime there. And an additional detail: in case it is a conversation that can be used as evidence in a judicial process, as long as you have participated in it, you can present it.

How to record phone calls

However, you should not forget that this is the case in Spain. It is possible that in other countries it is prohibited the recording of a call, with which you should be careful without this is international.


Although Google has implemented a policy that makes it difficult for some apps They can from identifying the call numbers or even carrying out their work, it should be noted those that stand out for their functionalities:

Call Recorder – Cube ACR

Is app is developed to record phone calls and those that are made via Voice over IP, that is, using the Internet. In fact, it is compatible with Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Facebook, WeChat and Telegram, among others. apps.

Cube ACR stands out for the quality of the recordings and for its Easy to use, since it is capable of automatically recording the contacts you select. However, you can also do this manually, so that you choose which part of the call you want to be recorded. It also incorporates a player so that you have the option to listen to them and even manage them (deletion, export to other devices …).

Cube ACR is free although it exists a premium subscription that provides additional functions, such as cloud backup, PIN lock that protects recordings, a greater number of audio formats and smart storage management, among others.

Free Automatic call recorder – callX

Is call recorder it also works automatically if the user so wishes. In addition, it stands out for being optimized especially for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus, for carrying out a incoming and outgoing call logas well as for ease of use.

How to record phone calls

Recordings are made in format MP3 or WAV and can be protected with a password. To this he adds the storage of conversations in both Dropbox and Google Drive. Other facilities that it provides to the user are the possibility of saving the calls that are chosen in a Favorites folder and the option to share using SMS, Whatsapp, Viber and Skype.

Call Recorder

One of the Applications The most prominent for the purpose we are talking about is Call Recorder, with which it is possible to record any call and choose those you want to save, for which you can also you can add clarifying notes. For your management, all calls are stored in a inbox from which you can perform any action: from saving them to your device or in the cloud (Google Drive and Dropbox), to sharing them with other users.

The app has three default automatic recording settings:

  • Record allthat is, all calls except those from contacts preselected to ignore.
  • Ignore everything. No calls are recorded except those of contacts pre-selected for recording.
  • Ignore contacts. Records all calls from people who are not in the contact list, except those who have been selected to record.