How to properly harness your dog

There are many veterinarians and ethologists, specialists in animal behavior, those who recommend the use of a harness when walking your pet, although always taking into account the characteristics of each dog, from its size to its more or less impetuous nature.

If you have decided that the best thing for your pet is to wear a harness, which allows move freely and safely In your outings, it is time to choose the one that suits him best and also to carry out that first laying that can be a bit complicated, simply because your dog does not know what it is that you insist on putting him on.

How to choose the best harness and put it on your dog

In the first place, if possible, when you go to buy the harness for your dog, take it with you, because this way you will be able to better calculate the measurements so that it fits perfectly. Should adjust but loosely. Pay particular attention to the fact that you do not rub on the armpits of its front legs, because if this happens, they would end up causing a small injury.

It is also important that you know the mechanism of the harness you choose. It’s very easy, but sometimes you can get a little messy about where exactly each strip goes. Before you test your dog and get him nervous, you must be clear about how the harness is going. On the other hand, let your pet become familiar with it, sniff it what he wants, so that he is convinced that it does not pose any danger to him.

Generally, there are two ways to attach the harness, taking into account its shape and design. Some are placed by first introducing the legs of the animal and others require that you first place the strip that goes in the upper area, on the neck.

  • If the chosen harness must be inserted from the bottom up, that is, if you must first get your dog to insert its legs through the corresponding openings, simply place the harness on the ground well stretched to know at a glance which are the two holes where the front legs go. Have your dog put each one in its proper place (a treat can help). Pull up the leg straps to the armpits and pass the strap around the end of the neck (the closest to the beginning of the spine). Adjust so that the harness is secure and check that the ring, where the strap will go, is well centered.
  • Other models require you to insert the harness strap that goes around the neck, by the dog’s head. Be careful not to scare him. Once entered, stretches the central zoneHe, the one that goes on the back, and places the two side bands. Each one will go to one front leg. Place them and adjust them conveniently so that in no case they disturb the dog when walking, hindering its normal mobility.