How to properly give an injection when needed

In principle, giving an injection is not difficultAlthough there are people for whom only the presence of a needle creates such a state of anxiety that it is preferable not to try, thus avoiding unnecessary risks.

The Guide for the Safe Administration of Medicines of the Andalusian Health Service (@greeting) points to a series of basic considerations when administering a drug parenterally (injections) such as select puncture site carefully, never choose inflamed areas, with lesions or with the presence of hair; check that the needle is right and establish a rotating point plan where the needle will be placed in case of repeated injections, so as not to always resort to the same place.

You should also know that there are four types of injections: subcutaneous, intradermal, intramuscular and intravenous. The easiest to administer are the subcutaneous ones, those in which the needle and the medicine only reach the tissue under the skin, without actually touching any nerves or muscles. This is the case of heparin injections, they are necessary when, for example, a temporary immobilization is suffered.

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How to give a subcutaneous injection

These types of injections are usually given or self-administered in the abdomen area. As explained by HM Hospitales (@HMHOSPITALS), the ideal is to stick the needle at the level of the navel, distancing it from this four centimeters and alternating left and right with each puncture. You must catch and lift a «pinch» of skin, a tissue «michelin», which is where the drug should be injected after applying an antiseptic to the entire area.

The needle and syringe should be slightly tilted (45º) and you will have to keep the skin fold raised while you press the plunger and introduce the medicine, slowly and with determination. Finally, remove the needle, loosen the skin and pass an antiseptic gauze again. Do not press the area or massage it, it is not necessary and you will only get a bruise to come out.

What happens to the rest of the injections?

They are more complicated and involve more risks, so it is always better to manage them nursing professionals. Even so, if you need to give an intramuscular injection, the most recommended area (and also the simplest) is the upper outer area of ​​one of the buttocks. It is important that the patient is relaxed.

Once the area has been disinfected and the syringe prepared, the needle should be inserted perpendicular to the application area and the administration of the drug should be done slowly, to avoid as much as possible a painful sensation. If blood enters the syringe, you must stop the application. It must be emphasized that this type of injection involves certain risks, so if you are not sure of being able to administer them correctly, go to a healthcare professional.