How to properly cook frozen food

Dinner time arrives and… surprise! we forgot to defrost the food. Do not worry because, if you did not know, there are many more foods than you imagined that we can cook without defrosting them previously. Take note!

Surely you have ever forgotten to defrost some food or you have just received a surprise visit and everything you have to offer is frozen. There are some tricks to cook frozen food, the only thing you will have to do is freeze them very well beforehand.

Baked meat

To be able to cook meat without defrosting, pay attention to the previous step: freezing.

It is important that when you go to freeze the meat you do it individually to prevent them from freezing stuck together. To do this, clean the meat very well, just as you would leave it ready to eat, and wrap it one by one in plastic wrap. If you are using freezer bags, place the fillets separately.

Next, preheat the oven to 220º for a few minutes and once hot, insert the meat until you see that it is just right. You can add a little oil and salt to make it juicier.

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Baked or boiled fish

As with meat, when you go to freeze the fish, remember to do it as far apart as possible so that there is no block left and we can handle it in the best way in the case of having to cook it without defrosting.

Next, in the case of cooking it in the oven, what we have to do is preheat it to 220º and introduce, once hot, the fish in a deep container covered with aluminum foil. After about 5 minutes, we will remove the aluminum foil and let it cook until we see that the moisture has disappeared and it is ready.

Fish can also be steamed or boiled while frozen.

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Both prawns and other seafood can be boiled or steamed without the need to defrost them beforehand. However, if they are going to be grilled, they must be immersed in cold water for a few minutes to defrost.

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In the same way that we cook the vegetables that we buy in the supermarket in frozen bags, in the case that you have frozen vegetables on your own you can cook them without defrosting both cooked, boiled or sautéed.

In the case of vegetable creams, you can heat it directly frozen in a saucepan over low heat. Of course, remember not to add potato so that it does not lose its texture, as well as with the least amount of water possible, since otherwise the result of freezing the vegetable puree will not be very successful.

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Croquettes or dumplings

We can fry them without defrosting simply using plenty of hot oil.

Many of the pre-cooked dishes that we find in supermarkets can also be fried directly. However, check the instructions beforehand.

As you can see, we can solve dinner more easily than we imagined.

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