How to prevent pellets from getting out of your clothes

It is normal that, with the passage of time and the use of the washing machine, pellets appear on the clothes that make our clothes look old and used. This is because, during washes, small fibers detach from the fabric and form small balls in our garments. This is a drawback that can occur in all garments but is more prone to synthetic fabrics, since, in natural fabrics, the fibers detach more easily from the fabric. Although the pellets do not affect the properties of the clothing, they do alter its aesthetics, that is why it is desirable to get rid of them or, better yet, prevent them from appearing.

How to prevent them?

Tricks to prevent pellets from forming on clothes

To prevent the formation of pellets in our clothes, we must first analyze the label to see the materials that make up the fabric. The more mixture of different fabrics the garment has, the more likely it will be to form them. The best thing is that our garments are made up of 100% or 90% of the same fabric.

Another way to prevent pellets is to sSeparate the garments by fabrics and put them in cloth bags or nets before putting them in the washing machine. Another option is lwash the garments inside out, to prevent the balls from appearing on the outside of the garment, and avoid overfilling our washing machine with clothes.

On the other hand, rubbing with other tissues is another of the main causes of pellet formation. The fact of, for example, wearing thermal shirts under our garments, also favors their appearance.

How to remove them?

The pellet removal process is somewhat more complex and will require a little more time. We show you how with different objects we can get rid of the pellets of the garments:

Tricks to prevent pellets from forming on clothes
  • Lint remover machine. Currently there are many models on the market whose function is to get rid of the fluff balls that accumulate our clothes quickly and easily.
  • Razor blade. With great care, we can pass the blade through the fabric, ensuring that it is very well stretched. It is a slow but effective method.
  • Nylon stockings. We can use the stockings as a glove and pass them through the fabric so that the pellets stick to the stocking.
Tricks to prevent pellets from forming on clothes
  • Scotch tape. It is about sticking pieces of adhesive tape, doing a kind of «waxing» to our garments to remove the pellets. Another way to hook the adhesive tape to a rolling pin and slide it through the clothes.
  • Fine tooth comb. With a brush that has the bristles close together we can get rid of the pellets when combing the garment.