How to prevent or kill cockroaches

Despite the fact that, as you recall Spanish Association of Entomology, the insects play a fundamental role In the balance of the different ecosystems of our planet, the reality is that cockroaches, what is said to like, do not like.

There are different species within this group of anthropod insects, but they all have common characteristics that they know well Business specialized in their eradication when necessary to prevent them from becoming a pest. They are resistant insects, capable of moving at high speed across different surfaces and of sneaking through tiny cracks or crevices. They like damp and dark places and its main activity takes place at night.

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Recommendations so that cockroaches do not make your house their home

Knowing their «customs» you can imagine which are their favorite rooms, and therefore, those in which you must take special care. On basements, bathrooms and kitchens there are usually the best conditions for cockroaches to proliferate and here, extreme cleaning measures it is important to avoid more than one unpleasant moment.

Among the preventive measures so that cockroaches do not get into your house you can try:

  • Check for possible grooves or cracks that may present the walls of rooms where there are moisture problems. Covering them, with a bit of appropriate putty, will prevent them from finding a perfect place to nest.
  • Place grids in any drain or pipe that goes directly to some point in the home Sinks, bathtubs or shower trays, washbasin … any hole that connects to a pipe is a potential ideal access for cockroaches.
  • Review your appliances, especially those that require water for their operation: washing machine, refrigerator, dishwasher … they also have a tube that connects them with the general plumbing system, so they can be a good “front door”. Check for leaks or accumulated water underneath them. Dry any possible moisture.
  • Beware of food scraps or garbage «Pending to pull». Like any other «animal» it will be attracted to something that can be a potential food.
  • Depending on the species of cockroach in question, they can also try to sneak through the windows (generally the lighter ones, the «blondes» that also fly). They are not frequent in the north and center of the Peninsula, but they are in the south and in the Canary Islands. In these cases, curtains or mosquito nets in windows are the most practical solution.

As a last tip, if you have already seen more than one, the most effective way to prevent them from proliferating are the «traps» that hide a toxic substance for them inside with which you make sure that, after a few days, they do not appear again. If you prefer a home remedy, try mix baking soda and sugar in the same proportion and strategically place this mixture that, it seems, does not suit them at all.