How to prevent flies from reproducing (and multiplying) in your home

Although it is not a very common fact, sometimes flies choose a small corner of our home to reproduce, giving rise to a plague that is very unpleasant and unsanitary, as they tend to hide in places near food or humid environments such as garbage cans, vases, places near water leaks, or even inside ripe fruits.

Another of the main drawbacks is that the larvae are very smallSo much so that they may go unnoticed until it is too late. In addition, they usually go from the egg phase to the adult insect phase in just two weeks, an incredibly fast process that also influences the homeowner’s ignorance.

Among the risks that this fact can trigger are not only the discomfort of their presence inside the house, but also the possibility that they contaminate our food and lay their eggs inside food that we can later consume. Also, having a swarm of flies in your home can become a real focus of diseases as, for example, cholera or diphtheria. Under this premise, what should you do to avoid this situation?

How to prevent flies from breeding at home

How to prevent flies from breeding in your home

Although flies are attracted to the factors we have listed above, it is also more common for this event to occur in warmer apartments, ground floors or homes that are close to dirty and humid environments, such as basements or sewers. Whatever the place it affects, how should you act?

  • Of course try keep the house as clean as possible, as these types of pests move easily in these environments. So, don’t leave the breadcrumbs on the table or the dirty dishes in the sink, because you will attract the flies in an irremediable way.
  • Equally, empty trash cans relatively frequently. Rotting food is one of the star ingredients in the diet of these insects.
  • As we have just seen, humidity is another risk factor, especially the cloths or clothes that are wet and that they have not been rinsed well after use.
  • If you have ripe fruits or vegetables on top of the kitchen or anywhere else outside the refrigerator, remove them immediately and put them in the fridge.
  • You can also increase protection by buying specialized products or professional solutions that keep the flies away or end the problem in the bud.