How to prevent black garments from fading and losing intensity?

There is no wardrobe that is missing a black garment. Is about an easy to match color, which is always in fashion and which is also elegant and stylizes the figure. There is no doubt that it is a very helpful tone to which we can resort on numerous occasions when dressing. However, it has a small drawback and it is that its intensity and brightness is fading with the washes. What can be done to prevent this from happening?

Salt and white vinegar

The salt trick It is one of the most widely used and has also been used for a long time. Surely you have heard it sometime. It involves taking a bowl of water and filling it with salt in a ratio of half a cup to two liters of water, approximately. Then we have to introduce the black clothes that we want to avoid fading, and always before putting them in the washing machine. The salt has protective properties for fabrics preventing them from losing their color, in fact this process can be used for any colored clothing.

The water has to be cold and let everything soak between 20 minutes and half an hour. It is advisable not to exceed this time because then we can damage the pieces. To protect them more you will have to put them upside down.

As an alternative to salt you can use is white vinegar, an ingredient that has thousands of uses for the home. It is also an ingredient that helps remove stains. As in the previous case, use a basin with cold water and pour a couple of cups of this substance over it. We will have to wait 15-20 minutes. Next you will have to wash them with a lot of water and a neutral soap.

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By hand and by machine

Another possibility that you have, although it is more laborious, consists of resorting to hand washing and with specific products for delicate garments. At the same time, you always have the option to reduce the number of washes of the black colors and thus preserve them more.

If we want to use the washing machine, we will first have to separate the different colors. It is advisable that black clothes wash all together or with another of dark tones. The light tones tend to absorb the dark ones, but if there are none, they will be reabsorbed in the piece itself. In the machine you must also place it upside down as this color fades when rubbing against other shirts, towels … everything that we have put in the washing machine.

The program that we must select is always one cold temperature, it should never exceed 40 ºC. If we use a higher one, the fading of the fabrics is favored. In the same way, you have to resort to washing that is shorter. Delicate cycle can be set, for example. Keep in mind that you have to ensure that these types of garments do not stay in the water for too long, as the humidity does not suit them.

It is also advisable that, as if you wash them by hand, you resort to a special detergent for delicate items. It is not that these promote a greater fading, but we can find some that preserve more color than others. Similarly, in general liquid detergents are more effective than those that are presented in powder.

You can even add some white vinegar to the washing machine when it is in the rinsing phase. This method not only helps to set the black, it also makes it easier for detergent residue to linger. This product provides natural softness. The only drawback is the smell that it can leave behind, but if it is so and the drying is done in the open air, it will go away immediately.

Washing machine


The dryer is not recommended Nor in these cases since its use affects the black color a lot. So the best way to dry is outdoors if we have this possibility, but it has to be in a place where there is no sun. Actually, sunlight is not good in general to preserve color as it naturally absorbs shades. You have to ensure that the place is well ventilated and leave the garment inside out to dry in this way.

As for the last step that we would have left, that is, the ironing, we also have to take a series of precautions. Ideally, they should continue to keep the clothes washed inside out, so that the color deteriorates as little as possible due to the action of the heat of the iron. It is very important that we do not overheat it to damage the tissues as little as possible.

If we keep these guidelines every time we have to wash our clothes, we will achieve preserve your intense black. At the same time, when we buy dark clothes, it is convenient that we also look at the characteristics of their fabrics since some are prepared to prevent them from fading or at least doing so to a lesser extent.