How to prepare your own seed pillow for muscle aches?

One of the most innocuous and at the same time effective ways to relax our muscles are the aromatic seed pads, that is, those that we usually warm and place in painful areas. Most of them are stuffed with wheat grains, as well as with lavender flowers and lavender essential oil, elements that give them a relaxing aroma, which helps them to have the desired effect. Although, yes, instead of lavender, you can opt for other scents, adding rosemary and its essential oil, chamomile …

Generally we can buy them in any establishment dedicated to this type of products or in a store on-line. However, if you are a «handyman» and want to try doing something, it does not involve a great difficulty as long as know how to sew, of course.

How the pillows are made

To make your own cervical pillow you need:

  • A fabric that you like.
  • Thread to sew it.
  • 750 grams of clean wheat seeds.
  • A handful of lavender flowers.
  • A few drops of lavender essential oil.

Once you have everything, you just have to cut the fabric to the size that fits your neck and sew it almost completely. Later mixes in a bowl wheat with lavender and oil. Then you put it inside the fabric and end up sewing the part that was open. You must give the very close stitches (with a sewing machine it will be easier) so that the grains do not come out. And it is ready to use.

Types of pillows

As we have pointed out, the aromatic pads help us in the relaxation of affected areas. And they do it without danger since they do not include any electrical element or are filled with water. You just have to heat them in the microwave for a minute and a half or two, depending on the power.

Later, when we put them on our body, they will be very useful for contracted muscles, for cases of rheumatic diseases, to soothe joint pain and even to relieve menstrual pain. Obviously it does not mean that they will cure low back pain or any other disease, but they will calm and relieve pain.

Although the most common are those that are shaped like a pillow, there are various models adapted to each area of ​​the body. Let’s see some:

  • Cervical. They are the most common and are used for neck pain.
  • Lumbar. They wear a belt that adjusts to that part of the body. That way, you can even move around with it on.
  • Vest type so that they take most of the back.
  • For shoulders, with the shape that surrounds our neck.
  • What mask for the eyes.