How to prepare your own dried flowers

One of the decoration options that are always a success are the dried flowersBoth placed in vases, as part of a candle, in a painting or even to embellish a bookmark. The best of all is that to get them you not only have the option to buy them, but it is very easy to «make» them at home, since you hardly need any added products.

Hang them up and … patience

The easiest way to get the flowers to dry is through hang them upside down and wait for the water they contain to disappear. When you do, of course, try to separate them as much as possible because that way the air will circulate better between them and the drying will be more compact.

Also, try to dry them in a place where not much sunlight, since their action will cause them to lose part of their color and, therefore, their attractiveness. By the way, take into account the state of the flowers before drying them because if they are in poor condition, drying will not «fix» them and the final result will not be as expected.

How to dry flowers

Apart from this very simple option to dry flowers, there are others in which additional elements are used that try to speed up the process while allowing the flower to look more similar to when it is fresh. To achieve this, the most common is use glycerin, that is to say, the same product that is used to make many of the soaps with which we wash. In this case, you must put the stems of the flowers in a container where the mentioned glycerin is mixed with twice the amount of water. Thus, little by little, the flowers will absorb everything and dry. In a space of a week and a half, you will see the result.

These types of dried flowers are perfect to put in vases or even in bouquets that you can hang or leave on the bed. They give you a I touched vintage to the room and are perfect for Provencal-style decorations.

Pressed flowers

Another option to dry the flowers is to press them, although, as is evident, the purpose is not going to be the same. Pressed flowers are often used for ornaments such as paintings -you can make your own composition and decorate a room with several such paintings-, for creating candles -with the flowers glued on the outside- and even for make some bookmarks -Fully customizable-.

As we have pointed out before, you simply have to let the water they contain evaporate. Of course, in this case we will have to wait while the flower is literally crushed. For this it can be used from a press to the own weight of a book. The best thing is that you place it between two pages or sheets of paper and that the weight and time do the rest of the work.

The best thing about pressed flowers is that, being in two dimensions, you can use them in a multitude of ornaments, while giving you the possibility of creating your own gifts.