How to prepare sangria correctly, the most international Spanish drink

Sangria is a Spanish alcoholic drink that has managed to cross borders due to its incredible flavor and the ease of preparing it. As numerous sources show, sangria has been consumed since the 19th centuryHowever, its origin is not linked to our country, but to Argentina and Paraguay, as a consequence of a massive Spanish migration to these regions.

Since then, this succulent elixir made from wine, sugar, fruits, spices and soda, mainly, has become one of the most representative of Spanish gastronomy, especially during summer months. However, although it may seem that you follow a very simple recipe, it is not enough to mix all the ingredients in a jar, it is important to take into account other aspects. What should you do to prepare a perfect sangria whenever you want?

Traditional sangria recipe


  • 1 liter of red wine
  • Pieces of fruit (peach, apple, melon, pear …)
  • Sugar to taste
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1/2 liter of soda
  • Orange peel
  • Lemon peel

As we have said before, making a pitcher of sangria is very simple. You just have to put the peeled and chopped fruit, the wine, the soda, the sugar, the citrus peel and the cinnamon into a large container. Finally, you must let the mixture marinate for about two hours, at a minimum, and serve it cold afterwards. Although if you have time to spare, the experts assure that the best sangria is the that is prepared one day in advance.

How to make sangria

Tips for a perfect preparation

Of course, if you want your sangria to surprise you with its flavor and quality, you can also follow some extra tips. For example, you should use a good red wine, if possible young and fruity touches, so that it combines perfectly with the rest of the ingredients. Also, it is best that the fruits are in season, nothing happens if you choose varieties that are not part of the original recipe, and you can also add a splash of orange juice natural to soften its intensity.

On the other hand, in addition to cinnamon, this drink admits other spices like, for example, nutmeg, grated ginger, vanilla stick or even ground pepper. And not only that, wine can share the limelight with other spirits, such as brandy, red vermouth, or cognac. It all depends on the tastes of the consumer.