How to prepare a cappuccino at home?

The cappuccino, from Italian cappuccino, it is a coffee-based drink characterized by the milk foam that crowns it. Although this variety acquired some popularity in the mid-20th century, after the invention of the espresso machine by Luigi Bezzera, the truth is that its origin dates back centuries. According to legend, it was a seventeenth century monk who first made a cup of cappuccino, in fact, its name could be due to the habit of the capuchin friars, order to which said monk belonged.

However, the cappuccino as we know it now is the result of years and years of tradition, as it requires a very refined technique to obtain that creamy and airy milk foam that characterizes it so much.

Whatever its history, if you enjoy these types of popular coffees away from home and would like to be able to prepare them yourself, we will tell you the tricks to make you look like the best coffee shops.

How to prepare a cappuccino at home?

How to prepare a good cappuccino at home?

The base of the cappuccino is a good espresso. In bars, it is generally prepared with professional coffee machines that also have a nozzle with which to heat the milk to generate the foam. At home, you have several options. You can prepare a coffee with an Italian machine, choosing the coffee selection very well, or if comfort wins you, opt for capsule coffee machines. In recent years, plunger or French coffee makers, which infuse coffee, have also become popular.

About coffee, it goes a generous layer of milk, about 125 ml., which must be whole to produce the foam well. Although on the street you can enjoy this type of drink with skim milk or soy or oatmeal, domestic mixers are not as powerful and to ensure the best results you will have to use a milk with a lot of fat.

If you don’t have a coffee maker that includes a nozzle to heat the milk (some domestic ones do), the best option is the accessories that work like milk frother and makes it as well as a professional coffee maker. Another much cheaper option is a whisk that you find in hardware stores that is also capable of whipping milk.

One time served in a large cup, the base of coffee and creamy milk, it only remains to decorate the surface. There are templates to make the beautiful drawings that they prepare in coffee shops, you just have to place them on top and sprinkle with cocoa powder or cinnamon of your choice. That easy!

How to prepare a cappuccino at home?

What can you accompany your homemade cappuccino with?

In Italy, generally, the cappuccino it is taken exclusively for breakfast, in a large earthenware mug that preserves the temperature and maintains the foam better, also facilitating its tasting. However, if there is something that can further enrich this experience, it is pairing. And there is nothing better than combine your freshly made homemade cappuccino with a sweet just as succulent. Which ones can you choose?

The chocolate is, without a doubt, the perfect pair of cappuccino, because its softness brings balance to the roasted taste of coffee and highlights the delicacy of the milk foam. Also, if you want to add a much more intense sweet touch, include some bits of strawberry or orange. You will not regret.

Another option is the classics shortbread or cinnamon-flavored cookies. Both maintain a very special bond with the milk that presides over this elaboration, although it looks very different, as well as with the spices that you usually sprinkle on top of it.

On the other hand, if you prefer a much more complex playmate, the best are the frozen desserts or the fruit-based cakes. The fusion of such different textures will be a real revolution for the diner. The traditional Apple pie or coffee ice cream, although it seems redundant, are two good alternatives.

And lastly, only suitable for the most daring and lovers of pastryWhy not combine your homemade cappuccino with a dessert whose main ingredient is this variety of coffee? Although it may be strange, there are many recipes that are based on this drink to delight your palate. For example, a cappuccino pudding, a biscuit-based flan, a custard, a brownie and even a tiramisu. Do you dare with this culinary challenge?