How to peel a hard-boiled egg without breaking it?

We want to prepare a good salad to eat and we boiled some eggs. When we begin to peel them, along with the shell we take pieces of the white and it remains as if it were bitten … These eggs do not look good if we add them to our salad. Is there a way to be able to peel the cooked eggs without destroying the white?

The truth is that they exist some tricks that can help us remove the shell of hard-boiled eggs easily and make it uniform. Let’s see some of them.

We help each other with a glass

A quick and easy way to peel cooked eggs is thanks to a glass or jar of Cristal. Simply put the egg in a glass, cover it with water and shake it vigorously for three seconds. In this way, we can remove the peel easily and the first time. Also, we can do it with two eggs at the same time.

We use a spoon

Another way to get a good result when peeling an egg is to remove small pieces of shell at the ends, crack the egg and carefully insert a spoon between the peel and the white. The pressure of this metal tool will make the shell peel off easily and evenly.


It is not the most hygienic way and it only works if we are going to eat the egg ourselves. But it’s a quick and easy trick. To put it into practice, you have to remove a small piece of shell at each end and blow hard and the egg will shoot out.

Roll by hand

Another of the best tricks is hit and roll Gently cook the boiled egg with the palm of your hand on a cutting board or kitchen counter. That bump and the circular motion cause tiny cracks in the crust, causing the shell membrane to easily peel off the egg white.

Let the eggs cool

Many times we will use the cooked eggs immediately. But if we have more time, a trick that does not fail when it comes to peeling an egg evenly is to cool them. It is very practical when you have a lot of eggs to peel. Once cooked, we remove the water from the casserole and fill it with cold or ice water. In this way, the egg contracts within the shell and is easier to peel.