How to Park Online: Parking Tips

Parking well is not just finding a ‘hole’ and putting the car ‘the first time’. Although this is the last step before you forget about the car, it is one of the moments that generates the most stress and collisions. That’s why the General direction of traffic, offers a series of tips to optimize the execution of this maneuver.

To begin with, observing the traffic is essential to stop the vehicle without creating danger or getting in the way. Located the space and signaled the maneuver, reversing should be avoided whenever possible even ifIn practice, it is almost always necessary so that observation remains paramount. In addition, in the city it must be borne in mind that it is only allowed to park on the right and left on one-way roads.

When the parking lot is parallel to the edge of the road (in line), it is advisable to stop at the height of the parked vehicle. At that point, reverse gear begins with the steering wheel turned to the side where it is parked and, once again, checking the rear-view mirrors. When half the car is inside, change the turn of the steering wheel and move back until it engages.

Training experts assure that to park well it is necessary to observe and also have a certain technique to control speed and rectify with the direction, regardless of the number of maneuvers required. In fact, in practical exams, in the parking maneuver there is only a time limit: two minutes. But in real life, no.

park infographic detail
Source: DGT

Tricks for parking online

There are a number of tricks to park online that can come in handy when parking. They are as follows:

  • Try not to park behind a towball carBecause if the driver hits you with it, it will leave you a good mark.
  • The most advisable thing is avoid parking in front of or behind an SUV, because if it hits you by accident, the damage will be much greater than if a car does it.
  • Try avoid parking in very narrow spaces, as you will have a greater chance of rubbing the bumpers or being rubbed by other drivers. We already discussed how to remove scratches in car paint, as well as home remedies for the little ones traffic accidents.
  • Never leave the car with one wheel on the sidewalk, you can damage the tires and shock absorbers. There are drivers who leave it like that, and it is harmful to the car.
  • When parking, don’t hit the curb hard with your wheels, as it can cause a break in the rubber or misalignment of the steering.
  • Leave the address straight: It is beneficial for tires, shocks and transmissions. Although for safety, if you park on a slope, it is highly recommended to keep the wheels pointed towards the curb.
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Precautions after parking

In all parking modalities we must follow the following instructions; make sure that all windows are closed to prevent theft or theft after parking, or even before, to avoid having to start the car again; and do not park next to containers or garbage cans, nor under trees as much as possible, although this is difficult in large cities.

This last recommendation is not free and has its explanation. If the garbage cans were to burn your car would in all probability be on fire. And if you park under the trees, you will probably find, when you return, a great variety of bird droppings. That said, we can already learn how to park online.