How to organize the digital agenda that you have on your mobile?

Practically, any current mobile has a calendar that works in a very similar way to the paper diaries that, perhaps, you still use. The advantage of digital is simple but real: you carry all your appointments or events on your own phone, to be able to consult or modify them whenever you want. Those who use them frequently assure that they can no longer be without them, especially because of that magnificent “reminder” function, which means that you do not miss a single date or medical appointment, because it will be the phone itself that takes care to notify you of what you have pending on the day that begins.

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How do you use a digital diary?

You have them with more or less complex functions, but, on a basic mobile phone, you can access the simplest ones simply by choosing the «agenda» or «calendar» option, easily recognizable on screen.

As you can suppose, the calendar will show you the months of the year and the days, so that you can write down, in each one of them, whatever seems appropriate, from the birthday of the grandchild, to the annual review with your ophthalmologist or dentist.

Once you select the option and “click” on a certain day, the keyboard will appear on the screen, so that you can write what deserves special mention and that will take place on that appointed day.

Depending on the mobile model, some support a greater or lesser degree of detail. You can specify the exact time or the time slot where a specific event is going to take place, adding the comments that you deem appropriate. From getting your mobile to remind you, well in advance, that «it’s your turn» to pick up your grandson, to setting up to notify you of the appointment with the specialist.

Paper diaries are still useful, among other things because writing your own notes in your own hand always implies important benefits, especially when exercising your cognitive abilities, but the digital diary on your mobile can be an excellent and practical complement. .

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Applications that are great agendas

If you want extra functions, which are not limited to the possibility of recording future activities and appointments on your mobile, there are some Applications that offer fantastic results when it comes to organizing «your life.»

Without a doubt, among the most popular among people of all ages, the Google Calendar (@ Google), an application available for Android and iPhone, with a thousand options to have your digital agenda under control in the simplest way, it is one of the most used in recent years. It is not the only one, because you have for example the Sunrise Calendar or the Evernote app (@evernote), all with similar functions and with the same objective: to ensure that on your mobile phone you can write down information that seems important to you and that you should not forget.

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Some tricks to take advantage of your electronic agenda

If you have a mobile with a built-in agenda or you have downloaded an application that performs this function, take advantage of it! Because as age advances, these tools are really useful. Once underway, among the tips that can help you get the most out of them, point out:

Write down any event on your digital calendar it’s just as simple as doing it by hand In a paper diary, you only have to select the day and write on it, using the keyboard that your mobile phone has incorporated, the annotation you deem appropriate, for example “cardiac appointment”.

Always select the «recall» function because the objective of these applications is precisely that: to help you not miss an important appointment. In addition, you can select the advance notice time (in the previous days or weeks).

In some cases, you can link your agenda to your email, something especially interesting in cases where you still maintain some type of professional activity (any appointment made via email will automatically appear in your agenda).

Many of the current agendas and apps, add that include a location in your annotations, that is, you can have at hand the exact place where that possible event or appointment takes place, something that will come in handy when deciding how to get.

Change, move and color. Just like on a paper diary, you can cross out, underline or change the calendar page of an appointment. All with simple functions such as: «delete» «move» or «copy and paste». Train and do your «first steps», you will see that it is not complicated at all.

Add files. It is another function that the most advanced agendas allow and that you do not have to give up. Do you want to have the program of the play you are going to attend? … well, simply add it on the date and time set.

Finally, some applications allow share agenda, something especially useful if you share your professional or leisure activities online.