How to order drawers

How do I go and find it! Who has not said or heard it? It is a «threat» that passes from generation to generation.

It is an unsolved mystery because some people do not find things, even if they are in front of them. We would dare to say that it has a lot to do with the age of the search engine or with the fact that the search engine never has the double function of computer or setter.

But, in case the reason could be the mess in drawers, we give you some tips, tricks and ideas so that never again is that the argument of that search engine that cannot be found.

Basic principle: everything in its place

Another classic that never goes out of style: “where is it going to be? on your site ”. That’s right, it’s a basic principle of order: everything must have its place. Therefore, the first thing you have to decide is what is going and where.

T-shirts, lingerie, pajamas and accessories are the perfect candidates for your drawers. If your wardrobe does not have a good chest of drawers, remember that you can always buy boxes with that format and “drawer” the wardrobe shelves.

The secret: vertical bending

You cannot speak of order in the cabinets and drawers without naming @mariekondo. She has taught the world to fold into three folds, or the vertical bending.

This technique puts an end to the stacks of shirts that either end up expiring, or every time you take out one, you unfold the others. In addition, as one garment is not arranged over another, they do not exert weight and therefore does not leave the folds marked.

Another advantage is that you gain spaceIt has been shown that in the space where you hang 10 items, you can store between 20 and 40 items folded vertically. And finally, our clueless search engine will have fewer excuses for not finding his shirt, since they are all visible and it is easier to locate.

The trick: group by color

If, in addition to putting everything in its place and bending it vertically, we group by colors, we have the perfect drawer. To do this, start by placing the darkest and heaviest garments on the left side of the drawer and work your way down the tones until you place the lighter and lighter items on the right.

The result not only provides a greater sense of order and is visually lighter, but also you can find the color combination for the model you have chosen Too much faster.

order cabinets, one of the tasks you can do now that you have time

Lingerie, scarves, belts, jewelry … well separated

Some garments or accessories that we keep in drawers tend to get tangled. This is the case of bra straps, scarves or belts. For the former, the recommendation is to put the straps inside the cup and place them parallel to the others. For the seconds the key is to have them separated. Seeks the solution that best suits what you have to save: small boxes, lockers, drawer dividers… there are many possibilities on the market. Remember that space is always better optimized with square shapes than round ones, so choose to divide into squares.

And one last tip: try to put what you use most at the forefront and the most occasional garments or accessories in the bottom of the drawer.

With all this, we have come to a conclusion: if someone does not find what they are looking for in the drawer … it is because they like you to look for it.