How to open a Gmail account from my computer

Having an email account today is important since it is one of the most used forms of communication on the internet together with instant messaging applications on mobile phones. Within the different platforms that exist to have an email, Gmail is one of the most used. In addition, it allows us free storage and the possibility of sharing documents or having a calendar, among other services.

Steps to open a Gmail account

The first thing you have to do is access from your computer’s browser to the page: Create a Google account.

A screen will appear asking you:

  • Name and surname.
  • Username (that is, the name you want to give to your account). You can use letters, numbers, and dots. If the name is already taken it will notify you and you will have to try until you find one that is not being used.
  • The password (which must have at least eight characters and in which letters, numbers and a symbol are combined) and the confirmation of the same. Then click on next.

You will then open a page where you can it will ask for your mobile phone number to send you a text message with a 6-digit verification code. Go to next and enter the code that you have received on your mobile.

On the screen that appears immediately, you will be asked for several information:

  • Mobile phone and other recovery email (optional).
  • The date of birth and gender (required).

Once this data has been filled in, Privacy rules and Conditions. You will have to accept them below all the text to be able to continue.

Click on create account and you will be in. You will first see a screen with several options to customize that account. There you can modify your personal information, your privacy and security data.

To enter the email, click on the first icon that appears at the top right of the PC screen. A menu with other icons will be displayed, which are the different applications that Google offers you. Click on the envelope, where it says Gmail. Upon entering it will give you the option to configure the vision of your mail, click on next and you will be able to send and receive emails normally.

To exit the account, go back to the top of the screen, in its right margin, and click on the round icon, there The option «close session» will appear.

When you enter Google again through your computer, note that there is a «login» icon, again at the top right. Click on it, enter your username and password and you will be back in your Gmail email.