How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew

If you are a fan of wine, surely you have a corkscrew at home. The problem arises when you drink sporadically and you can’t find this rig that undoubtedly makes the task easier. But do not give up, although it may seem an inelegant and risky method, the truth is that you can dispose of your wine bottle without the help of an opener conventional. You only need a little skill and the following items. Take note, be very careful and enjoy a good glass of wine.

With a shoe

This fashion accessory not only makes your footing more comfortable, it can also help you open a bottle of wine. How? Inserting the base of the bottle into the shoe, at the heel, and hitting the sole against a wall with the wine inside. The force of the impact will be transmitted to the glass, it will do the same with the liquid it keeps inside and, finally, the air that resides in the bottle will push the cork enough so that you can grasp it with your hands.

However, although it may seem simple, remember that it is a very delicate material, that’s why it is better to give many strokes and very soft, than to forcefully choose to open it as soon as possible.

With a hanger

For this technique, not just any hanger will work, but rather the old ones made of wire and covered in plastic. You just have to stretch the hook and go back to bend it to form a kind of hook. Then, try to stick it in the cork and pull it out to get it out once and for all. Don’t despair if the wire comes off more than once, these homemade methods also require a lot of patience.

How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew

With a screw and pliers

If you are a handyman, surely you have these two tools at your fingertips. To open the bottle of wine you must turn the screw to put it in the cork. Some people manage to do it by hand, but you may be better able to defend yourself with the help of pliers. When you think it is already at a suitable depth, try to pull it carefully so that the cork comes out with the screw. You may be able to pull it out completely this way, if you don’t try your luck with a fork or safety pin instead of the pliers.

With a knife

This is the most dangerous method of all, so be very careful. You need a saw model, pointed and not too large so you can handle it comfortably. Insert the leaf into the cork little by little, without going through it so that no remains fall into the wine. Then slowly turn it with your hand, while with the other you turn the bottle to the other side. So until you manage to remove the cap.