How to obtain authorization to visit the Galician Atlantic Islands National Park?

For a short time and in order to protect a unique natural space, of high ecological value for its terrestrial and marine biodiversity, visit the Atlantic Islands of Galicia Natural Park requires obtaining a administrative authorization.

The Park spans four small archipelagos: Cortegada, Sálvora, Ons and Cíes that are located in front of the Rías Baixas (Pontevedra and A Coruña). Enjoy the beauty of nature on the trails that join the Cíes Faro and Monteagudo, rest on white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, such as that of Rhodes, or practice snorkel in the waters of the island of Ons are just some of the activities that you can do and that attract a greater number of visitors every yearHence, it has been necessary to control human presence to avoid the deterioration of a truly unique place.

How to obtain authorization for the visit

Before buying your ticket in one of the authorized shipping companies, which departs from the Galician coast towards the Park, you must obtain your visitor permission. The most convenient way to request it is directly at the Park website, where you will only have to leave your personal data and the dates on which you plan to go to the Cíes or Ons. You can order it even with 45 days in advance. Previously you will have to consult the calendar that you have on the same website to check if visits are allowed on the days that interest you. The authorization is free and you can request it for a maximum of 10 people.

When you do the management, you will receive the email that you have indicated a pre-booking code that you must use within two hours to buy your boat ticket in some of the companies that carry out the route, mainly in the summer season and also at Easter. If you do not buy the ticket within two hours, the code expires and you will have to reapply.

If you want spend the night on the islands, you also need prior permission. You can only do it in authorized campsites in the Cíes or in the Ons Island. In this case, it is the campsite itself that asks for your authorization once you give your personal information to make the reservation.