How to obtain a digital certificate in 5 steps

Nowadays have a digital certificate facilitates the completion of many official procedures, since with this system they can be carried out from home without having to travel. At first, requesting this certificate can be a bit complicated, but once we dare to ask for it, we will see that it is simple.

Types of digital certificate

The first thing we have to know is that there are two types of digital certificates. On the one hand, the one that is linked to a card, that is, to our DNIe; while the other modality is a file that we must install on our computer: the software certificate.

Normally, the most requested and comfortable digital certificate when using it is this second option, that is, the software certificate. This is so because to use the DNIe it is necessary to have a special card reader on our PC and acquiring it implies an additional cost.

Steps to obtain a software digital certificate

In this case we must bear in mind that it is always requested from the internet and what is there to download and install it on your computer that we are going to use. To begin, point out that the whole process, You have to do it from the same browser (Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), the same computer and the same user. Who do we have to request it from? To a Certification Provider entity. There are several, but the most common is to go to the National Currency and Stamp Factory (FNMT). If we choose this, the steps to take are the following:

First we have to access the electronic headquarters of the FNMT website. On the right side there is a box that indicates «Obtain / Renew your digital certificate», on which you have to click. Next, you have to click on «Physical person» and then about «Obtain Software Certificate».

The first point that will appear is that you have to check that your computer is ready to host the certificate. On the website itself they indicate the browser configuration and the technical characteristics that your computer needs for it.

Once you have verified that everything is correct, again from the «Obtain Software Certificate» page of the FNMT you have to choose the option «Request Via Internet for your Certificate». A screen will appear with some fields to fill in. When you have completed all of them, just click «Send request».

  • Go to a registry office

In the email you have indicated you will receive a request code. Once you have it, you should go personally to a registry office to prove your identity (you can check which is your office closest to your home in the section «Prove identity» from the website). Of course, don’t forget to bring your ID and the application code, because that’s what they are going to ask you for.

Then they will send you another email in which it is specified that you can now download your electronic certificate. Enter the FNMT website again and click on «Download certificate». Fill in the form again with DNI, first surname and application code. Click on download certificate and in a few seconds you will have it installed on your computer.

  • Verify the installation

To verify that it is installed, go to the «Tools» menu of the browser, look for «Internet Options», «Content» and finally «Certificates». Your certificate should appear in the personal tab.