How to make your own homemade makeup

There are several reasons why we can choose to make our own makeup at home and more and more women are trying to do it. Save some money, cover an emergency when we have run out of stocks at home or avoid using chemicals that can harm our skin and are not very respectful of our environment. If any of these reasons suit you or respond to your needs, we share the ‘recipe’ to make your own makeup base at home. It does not require many ingredients and it does not have a complicated production, so it is worth doing the test.

Natural ingredients

How to make your own homemade makeup

Our proposal is an option that does not use chemical products, which benefits the health of our skin and contributes to less pollution. In addition, it is very economical and we can also make it ecological if we buy products to make it that contain the eco label.

To make the homemade makeup base we will need a coffee spoon of cinnamon powder that will help us to give the skin a very flattering golden tone. We will also need three tablespoons of cornstarch and half a tablespoon of red clay or cocoa powder. The amount of clay or cocoa is indicative since we can use more or less depending on whether our complexion is darker or lighter.


How to make your own homemade makeup

For the elaboration we need a pot or jar with a lid to store the makeup to use in later days. In the container, add the cornstarch, then the cocoa or red clay and, finally, the cinnamon.

With the help of a long toothpick or with a teaspoon we stir the ingredients for several minutes until we obtain a homogeneous mixture and we will have ready a homemade and delicate makeup base for our skin.

Y If we prefer a cream makeup base, we can add a tablespoon of moisturizing facial cream to the mixture and mix to obtain a more liquid result.

And for an emergency

How to make your own homemade makeup

If it is the case that we have run out of makeup base and we want a quick option with what we have on hand, we can mix a tablespoon of facial moisturizing cream, half a tablespoon of sunscreen and makeup powder.

In a container we mix the moisturizing cream and the sun protection cream and then add powders as we want a lighter or darker makeup base.