How to make the bed perfectly step by step

Bed-making is something we do every day and to which we probably don’t spend a lot of time or attention, but the feeling of getting into a well-made bed at the end of the day, with the sheets perfectly smoothed and placed, may well be worth it. let’s do. That is, see how we can achieve and what steps must be followed so that our bed looks like that of a five-star hotel.

Before starting to make the perfect bed, you have to take into consideration a number of things such as: properly ventilate the room every day for about 10 minutes so that all the elements of the bed breathe and avoid the concentration of humidity. During ventilation, it is convenient to remove the quilt and sheet towards the foot of the bed to ensure that it is carried out correctly. What’s more, do not forget to aerate the mattress every so often (turn it over, shake it and let it breathe).

On the other hand, orOne of the keys that contribute to having a ten bed is having a good set of sheets. And one way to know if a fabric is of quality is to see the number of threads that make up the warp (set of longitudinal threads) and the number of wefts (horizontal threads). The higher the number of threads, it implies that the thread is finer so it is of higher quality.

And of course, the sheets must be perfectly ironed for a good final result, But, if we are lazy or do not have time, we can moisten the creases of the fold with a few drops of water to eliminate them by firmly tightening them.

Step by step to make the perfect bed

Once we have the ventilated room and the appropriate and ironed sheets, We must separate all the elements (bottom sheet, countertop, bedspread or duvet) to start from scratch. It is not worth stretching all the layers at once and smoothing (maybe the look is good on the outside but the result on the inside is surely not so and we will not get that pleasant feeling when we get inside at the end of the day).

Finally, for the experts, the key to obtaining a 10 bed is in the fold that is made in the lower corners and is known as the ‘Hospital Corner’ system. As can be deduced from its name, this system was first used in hospitals, although it was soon used in hotels as well, seeing that it gave such good results. We share a video where we can see step by step how to apply the ‘Hospital Corner’ system.