How to make soap bombs with medicinal herbs

There is nothing more pleasant than a nice relaxing bath after a hard day. Although it is not entirely appropriate to fill the bathtub every day, due to the waste of water it entails, it does not hurt from time to time to allow a few minutes release tensions both mentally and physically. And for this there is nothing like natural soaps based on medicinal herbs that today we tell you, step by step, how to make them in a homemade and artisan way.

Write down all the steps to make your soap bombs

Thanks to these soaps our skin will be soft and nourished thanks to those natural plant-based ingredients. Thus, we can make them from different medicinal herbs:

  • Shea to hydrate our dermis.
  • Oatmeal that renews the skin.
  • Calendula with antibacterial, regenerating and analgesic action.
  • Lavender with soothing, antiseptic and healing properties.
  • Rue that serves as an antioxidant and is often used topically in cases of arthritis and warts.

But first we are going to complete the list of elements that we will need and that are usually very similar when making these homemade soaps:

  • Molds to make the soaps.
  • Baking soda, cornstarch, citric acid, and sea salt.
  • Olive oil (coconut or almond can also be used).
  • Water.
  • Essential oil and a handful of dried medicinal herbs to choose from.

We started mixing the bicarbonate with the citric acid on a level plane and then we add the chosen essential oil with the herbs or cut flower petals to give our soap bomb that aroma and color. Add a little water, the olive oil, the sea salt and the cornstarch and put everything together again trying not to have too many lumps. The sea salt and cornstarch will help us give that consistency to the soap ball.

How to Make Herbal Soap Bombs

Another formula to make the mixture is to first make an infusion with the herbs and saponaria powder, a plant widely used to make this type of homemade soaps for its cleaning effect and add it to the rest of the ingredients instead of adding the water and medicinal plants separately.

Once we have that mixture we put it in the molds pressing evenly so that they are well compact. Once this is done, these molds are closed and left to dry in the open air for a couple of days.