How to make jewelry with paper, glue, toothpicks and thread

Normally when we turn to jewelry or costume jewelery we do it to adorn ourselves and give a more elegant touch to our appearance. If we are crafty we can make our own beads and create attractive jewelery, but in addition to using the traditional materials that are sold in specialized stores, it is possible to be more original if possible and make paper jewelry. This element is very easy to get, apart from cheap and with which, using a lot of imagination, we can make very original ornaments.

All kinds of paper

It can use newsprint, gift wrap, or magazine paper or paper quilling, ideal in these cases because it is based on strips of moldable paper with which you can make a large number of figures such as flowers, triangles, eyes, etc. The possibilities are endless and the technique is applied to earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc.

The shapes that can be made depend on tastes and preferences. To make cylindrical shapes on for example wrapping paper, one of the options is to draw long narrow triangles, everything will depend on the size we need, on the back of the paper. We must therefore have a ruler and a pencil to make the lines. Next, with scissors we will have to cut each triangle. The result would be like huge pennants. It is important that they finish in a point. The thickness at the bottom it can be two or a centimeter depending on how we want the ornament to be.

paper jewelry

Toothpicks, glue and thread

Later, on a plate we will have to pour white glue or glue. Then we will catch a toothpick and we will roll one of the cut strips in the middle starting always on the broader side. We will add the glue to this as we collect it so that it sticks. By having all the resulting bead rolled up, it must be smeared with glue so that stay protected and don’t fall apart. Then you have to let the air dry for a few hours and remove the toothpicks. So the paper beads or beads would be ready to make whatever we want: bracelets, earrings, necklaces …

To unite them we have to use plastic or elastic threads or fine cords that fit in the holes of the beads and additionally you can add other beads or pearls that we have previously acquired. We cut the thread to the length we want, for example for a necklace or a bracelet and we choose the order of the beads. We make a knot at one end and we are introducing them. At the end we tie the two ends.