How to make homemade quince jelly and surprise your guests

If you have ever been to cider houses in the Basque Country, you will have eaten the typical dessert that is served: cheese, quince and walnuts. If you like it, we will encourage you to make a homemade quince paste from the fruit of the same name. Take note and do not lose a single of the ingredients you will need, and that there are only two.

First step, the necessary ingredients

To make this homemade recipe for quince jelly we will need, of course, quinces, that are yellow and ripe, and sugar. Thus, for a sufficient quantity for about 8 people we will use 1 kilo of quince and 800 grams of white sugar.

How to make homemade quince jelly and surprise your guests

Once we have everything, it is not very complicated either, we proceed to the own elaboration of the quince paste. First of all, add the quinces, as is without peeling, to a pot with water. When the water starts to boil we lower the heat and turn it to half intensity while we let this fruit be done for about 45 minutes.

Once we get them out, it’s time to peel them and cut all the meat of the quince in small dice that we will reserve.

Of the amount of meat of that fruit that we have obtained we must calculate 80% white sugar to accompany our quince jelly recipe. Thus, both ingredients (quince and sugar) are put into a large pot (flat paella pan type) and we cook them with the heat not very high. We are stirring from time to time so that the mixture is made.

Final steps of our homemade quince paste

When about 10-15 minutes have passed, we will observe how there is no trace of the sugar as it has dissolved completely. Thus, we will pass that mixture through the blender so that it does not turn out so thick and we will return it to that pot so that it continues to be done until one hour of cooking is complete and let’s see what that quince is taking on a darker color.

There is nothing left to enjoy with our recipe.

While the pulp of the quince is being finished, we can prepare the mold where our homemade quince will rest. So, we add all the mixture and put that container in the fridge for at least 24 hours. The next day you are ready to garnish a toast with a little cheese. Pure delight to finish a meal!