How to make hand cream with natural ingredients

The «homemade» natural cosmetics It gains followers, because it is easy to make different products starting from plants, essential oils or natural vegetable fats. Making one for your hands is a good idea, since, as the Fundación Piel Sana recalls (@pielsana_aedv) the care of the skin of the hands is essential, because, unless we wear gloves, it is constantly exposed to the most varied external agents, from cleaning products, to the simple touch of winter air.

What characteristics should a good hand cream have?

Such a product must first and foremost be emollient, that is, having the ability to treat the skin in depth by providing it first of all softness and hydration. Its function is to create an invisible layer, which manages to maintain its natural moisture, avoiding dryness and preventing possible conditions such as irritation, itching or small cracks or wounds.

hand cream

If you want to make your own hand cream entirely at home, here are three proposals capable of adapting to every need:

  • Super moisturizing hand cream. It has as main ingredient Shea butter, a 100% natural product, which you can find in herbalists and specialized stores. Its use in the cosmetic industry is common and you can also take advantage of its properties regenerating and moisturizing. Mix two large tablespoons of this butter with a small of almonds oil. If both ingredients are at room temperature, they usually mix easily, but if you notice the butter too hard, you can heat it slightly, just a minute in a water bath. To increase the smoothness of the cream and give it the aroma you prefer, add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice, rose or lavender are especially appropriate.
  • Repairing hand cream. If your hands, in addition to dryness, have damaged areas (redness, chilblains …) your star ingredient is aloe vera, for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. You can prepare a cream simply by mixing two tablespoons of cocoa butter, with one of liquid glycerin and a few drops of the essential oil of this plant. If you have one at home, add a few drops of the sap contained in its leaves directly to the mixture (don’t worry, the leaf will regenerate itself in a few days and will not suffer any damage).
  • Hand cream for a extra coverage and protection. Mix two tablespoons of the butter of your choice (cocoa, Shea), with one of Argan oil and another of Royal jelly, you will get an effective cream that will protect your hands even in the most extreme conditions.

Important: any homemade hand cream, made with natural ingredients, should be stored in a glass jar, tightly closed and keep in the fridge (take it out a few minutes before use so you can easily apply it).